Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CTA Train Tracker is coming...

Do you remember when CTA Bus Tracker first came online that we actually had a widget for that here on the blog? It worked similarly to the actual website where you would find the route and then input the actual stop you expect to board the bus.

Hopefully in the future, we may be able to offer a widget where you can check the arrivals of Red Line trains in our community. Currently we do have status updates for Red Line trains from a feed in our sidebar provided by the CTA's official website.

I do wish however, that we could have a feed for updates to bus services in our community. It was posted over the summer that bus service around Chicago State University was changed where the no. 3 & 4 buses were allowed to terminate right on the campus of Chicago State. Before this summer, the buses were forced to terminate away from the campus.

In any case I look forward to this eventual roll-out this month of CTA Train Tracker. I can hopefully time my commute according to when the train arrives. Bus Tracker worked especially when I knew that a bus would be at 95th by the time my actual train arrives. With this new program I can at least know how long my wait for the train will be.

Also like the Bus Tracker you can also access this service via a cell phone. That is you can either use an internet enabled phone to track arrival times or you can use the text messaging function as well. I just found out that you can download an application (apps) to check arrival times as well.

Via Sloopin.

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