Saturday, January 15, 2011

What's Wrong in Roseland Heights?

I'm excerpting this from a page from Richard Wooten's revamped campaign website. Most of the other information isn't much different from the other pages dedicated to neighborhoods throughout the ward:
Poor police response time! Unstable property values, due to foreclosures and vacant land, are cropping up in the area. Slum landlords!  Lack of new housing!  And this community wants more Alderman accountability regarding Roseland Heights’ infrastructure. Plus, they want to know why they can’t have more direct interaction with the Alderman to influence the decision-making that affects their community. Should Roseland Heights have the right to express how their taxpayers’ money is spent?  You bet! Further adding to the dysfunction of our ward is the inability of the Alderman’s office to instantly address the problems and–– identify programs that can effect change. My years of service to my country and community have taught me that you are only as good as your team. I want a qualified staff that is continually trained in customer service and communication skills. I want a staff member with grant writing experience to help consult the ward’s community groups and neighborhood businesses. This person will identify grants and programs that groups and businesses can pursue to help restore core values back to Roseland Heights.
For the other pages for the neighborhoods of Chesterfield, West Chesterfield, Chatham, Park Manor, and Englewood the first paragraphs are different. The rest of the information contained within are not.

What are you thoughts?

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