Wednesday, February 23, 2011

6th Ward run-off news...

UPDATE 3:15 PM More analysis from Chicago Public Radio
Roderick Sawyer was successful in forcing a runoff with incumbent Freddrenna Lyle. Sawyer is the son of the late Eugene Sawyer, former 6th Ward alderman and mayor of Chicago. Sawyer argued the ward was neglected and blighted. He benefitted from deep community connections and name recognition. The SEIU-backed Lyle struck a chord with seniors. The 6th Ward covers Chatham and Park Manor – black middle-class neighborhoods that tend to be politically mobilized. Chatham has seen an uptick in crime, which has made residents nervous.
Sentiment echoed by Progress Illinois when they visited a precinct on 71st Street yesterday.

From the Sun-Times, a brief blurb about the impending run-off:
Roderick Sawyer, the son of former Chicago Mayor and Ald. Eugene Sawyer, appeared to have forced 6th Ward Ald. Freddrenna Lyle into a runoff as well.

“I’m happy to be alive to fight another day,” Sawyer said. “I think my father would be glad we are continuing on with this fight.”

Sawyer was the only one of the five children of former Chicago aldermen running in the aldermanic elections to have gotten as far as a runoff. The rest lost.
Also from the Chicago News Coop:
In the 6th Ward, where two police officers were killed last summer, Ald. Freddrenna Lyle is headed for a runoff with Roderick Sawyer, a longtime family friend and son of former Mayor Eugene Sawyer, after Sawyer and four other opponents alleged she wasn’t doing enough to fight crime.

“It doesn’t scare me,” Lyle said of the second round of balloting. “This time it will be different because I can focus on one opponent, and I can differentiate myself from Rod. I’m going to win.”
Again the run-off will be held on April 5. May the best candidate win.

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