Saturday, February 5, 2011

VIDEO: Ald. Lyle and Richard Wooten

I wanted to post these videos last month and I wanted to post them individually, but today I had to do something different. These two videos related to two subjects. Restaurants and the Chatham neighborhood. Wooten has less time in his video to talk about them as Ald. Lyle who had roughly a 30 min. video to talk about a variety of subjects in addition to restaurants & Chatham.

The only reason I hadn't rolled them out soon was that it was kind of hard for me to really focus and transcribe quotes from Ald. Lyle's video. So now this is a case of compare and contrast today. Although what I would have you do is relate that to the news as far as restaurants here in our communities such as Army & Lou's.

First is Ald. Lyle on Issue Forum

In this video, her and host Kristopher Anderson (who's affiliated with the Young Democrats of America) would cover topics such as why people should move to the 6th Ward or Chatham. She especially explains the value of houses in our part of town. In addition to the eateries in our community she spouts out such as Five Loaves, Brown Sugar Bakery, Army & Lou's, as well as Captain Hardtime. In addition to that the new shops that have opened at Chatham Village Square in addition to towards the end a discussion of the Chatham neighborhood.

Below is Wooten's video, "What's wrong in Chatham"

This roughly one minute video almost exactly follows this write-up you can find over at Wooten's campaign website:
Crime! Foreclosed housing! Newer neighbors lacking respect for traditional community values! Lower property values and a declining business sector are the major ills affecting Chatham. Add to this an Alderman not recognizing that Chatham won’t be able to attract new families to an aging community if most of the schools are on probation, or that Chatham’s small business district isn’t growing.
In this video Wooten notes that Chatham is a "restaurant desert". Although I would like more info as to how he had come to his conclusion.

Some compare and contrast. Ald. Lyle may well indicate that we're not a restaurant desert while Wooten says something different. Although yeah we've heard that Army & Lou's had closed for the time being. That's very unfortunate news for this community.

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