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Miss Englewood on WCIU

[VIDEO] Asiaha Butler appeared on WCIU on March 20th talking about her activities in the "Greater Englewood" community. This video was linked in Butler's recent post at her blog where she talks about a variety of items.

As for this video, I do hope Butler gets a Whole Foods Market in Englewood. It can either be at the site of the old Kennedy-King College @ 69th & Wentworth or near the new Kennedy-King College@ 63rd & Halsted. Yes, Ms. Butler it is OK to dream because it may well happen.

BTW, I posted this message on our FB page recently from the RAGE FB page:
had another productive day at the Illinois public hearing for redistricting this afternoon. We had our maps drawn & clear recommendations for the commission! Stay tuned for more developments...Also to learn more about redistricting join us for Real Talk with R.A.G.E, Thursday, Kelly Library at 5:30pm! Hope to see you there!
Butler has stated in the past at least before the municipal elections that she wished Englewood was under one ward as opposed to the fact that it's divided between 6 wards which also includes our very own 6th Ward. So it appears she wants to get something going on that issue:
Ok now the not so sexy stuff, REDISTRICTING...So one of RAGE goals since its inception was to have a voice or input in this process....We did just that, at a public hearing with the Illinois Redistricting Committee. We prepared our map which outlined our boundaries of Greater Englewood and how we would prefer to be remapped as a neighborhood with only 2 House districts and 1 Senate. Our map is aligned with the boundaries outlined by the 7th District Police Station...

Our next steps are reviewing the proposed maps by Legislative then following the trail down to the local levels with the wards...
Here is the map of the 7th Police District (Englewood) and the Ward boundaries contained within:

BTW, if Englewood wants a Whole Foods I would suggest asking for one and/or doing a petition just like the Calumet Heights Community Coalition. Perhaps in future Englewood can be like Chicago's Brooklyn. I also wonder if RAGE wants to see a Wal-Mart in their community as well.

Let's also hope Englewood won't be divided amongst not only various wards but various state legislative districts as well. And as for becoming a village, that mentality is needed in the "Rising Sixth Ward".


Sawyer and Lyle on WBEZ's 848

Click [AUDIO] for the segment - Levois

Rod Sawyer and Fredrenna Lyle were on Chicago Public Radio's 848 show this morning.

It was a spirited but civil debate.

It also airs tonight at  9pm (the actual debate should be about 9:30pm, but the first segment is the always-interesting monthly round-up with local journalists). WBEZ is at 91.5 FM

SEIU cites our blog post as a source

The latest SEIU mailing, which just appeared in my box, cites the post with Worlee's questionaire (Feb. 16) as the source for Rod Sawyer's stance on gambling. (Progress Illinois also cited that questionnaire on Feb 18. Sidenote: they correctly predicted the top 2 contenders for the 6th ward race before the election.)

The actual quote is this:
I support video gambling as a means to generate revenue. Of course it needs to be regulated and have tight controls. We need to recapture some of the revenue we are losing to the Indiana casinos.
 .Clearly the SEIU's mailings are an exaggeration of Sawyer's support of gambling , and not a central issue of his campaign. And if you see the casino buses at Tuley Park, Cole Park, and other locations, Sawyer has a reasonable argument.  And i would think that even people who are strongly against video gambling are sick of these multiple mailings.

However, here's what Worlee posted on Concerned Citizens of Chatham based on a press release from the Sawyer Campaign:
“The only statement I have ever made concerning video gaming, is that the city council should debate the issue, like it should any revenue generating idea that is introduced. The law as it was written has been invalidated by the Illinois Supreme Court, and the Senate President has moved to exclude it from the new revenue package. There is no video gaming in Chicago. I have no idea what they are talking about."

Perhaps he forgot the questionaire (as many have been sent out and answered), but that's what SEIU is using as their justification.  From what I read, he supports it...but certainly desires some debate into it so that it does not proliferate everywhere.

As for the tax issue....we'll get back to you on the "truthiness" of that allegation.

An allegation: Alderman Lyle's Clout at Harlan High School

As an alumni of Harlan Community Academy High School this concerned me. If this allegation turns out to be true I would be very concerned about this reversing the upward trend the school is generally making. I received this e-mail and so did the CPS Inspector General and about 13 other recipients who are either reporters, journalists, or bloggers. So the person who wrote this e-mail is serious about this:
Dear Inspector General,
I am a friend of a teacher at Harlan High School.  The teacher told me that Alderman Lyle has a nephew who attends Harlan and is a sophomore.  Since the student has been at Harlan, school officials have treated him with "perks" at the school not afforded to other students.  Primarily, the student has been allowed to miss classes to work and do errands in the Attendance office, with or without the teacher's permission or knowledge.  If the student is marked absent, a school official will go into the attendance system and change his attendance from "absent" to "present" with or without the teacher's knowledge.  When the student has missed class to work in the Attendance office, he has been allowed to turn in assignments.  One semester, the student missed as much as 90% of one particular class because he was working in the Attendance office, but was remarked from "absent" to "present" for nearly all of those days.  Alderman Lyle is aware and has accepted that her nephew has been given "clout" treatment at Harlan such as being able to skip class and turn in work late without penalty, while school officials have allowed him to work in the Attendance office.  The Harlan principal, Reggie Evans, has allowed this.
To be sure the Alderman has during the course of this campaign has touted her efforts to help Harlan's teachers and parents turn around Harlan High School. Especially when you look at this recent mailer. It's a big one so I couldn't get everything. But I got enough about Harlan :P

Click for a larger resolution
$2 million for a magnet engineering program. Heralding how Harlan's Academic Center for 7th & 8th graders is one of the most prestigious academic programs in this state.

Let's be concerned that this progress could be undone if there is anything to this allegation.

Today is the last day for early voting in the run offs...

If you want to early vote head down to Whitney Young Library located at 79th & King Drive. Run off election day is April 5th which just next Tuesday. If you have no idea where your polling place is check out this page at the Chicago Board of Elections website. Will you turn out to decide who will continue to represent the 6th as Alderman?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Opinion: Negativity doesn't work.

Earlier tonight I posted another anti-Lyle flyer that was posted at Worlee's Concerned Citizens of Chatham page. JP wrote this before I wrote about that second flyer - Levois

This is my take on Worlee's posting of an attack piece against Lyle.

 Worlee said
Well it appears that a Sawyer supporter has taken a page out of the SEIU playbook and decided to throw back. Attack ad wars are on, lol.
To Worlee, this may seem like how politics are supposed to run. To me, that sounds more like grade school children justifying their bad behavior ("Well, they started it!").

The SEIU has sent at least 3 pieces which greatly exaggerate Sawyer's support of video gaming. That issue certainly is not central to his campaign. But looking at the number of casino buses that stop by on the weekends, it certainly has some fans. And even if you're against video gaming, this is just one of several issues one may agree or disagree with, and is probably not the sticking issue for people.
Unlike the piece which exaggerates Rod Sawyer's stance on video gambling that is clearly from the SEIU, the anti-Lyle piece has no name attached.

According to the IL Board of Elections website on disclosure requirements :
The Illinois Campaign Disclosure Act applies to candidates, individuals, groups of persons or any organizations, political or otherwise, who: (1) have accepted contributions or made expenditures or independent expenditures in excess of $3,000 within a 12-month period in support of or in opposition to a candidate or candidates for public office, or any question of public policy to be submitted to voters; (2) have received or made expenditures in excess of $3,000 within a 12-month period for electioneering communication – defined essentially as any broadcast, cable or satellite communication or advertising that makes an appeal to vote for or against a clearly identified candidate, political party, or question of public policy made within the 60 days before a general or consolidated election or 30 days before a primary election (this does not apply to communications exclusively between a labor union or a Section 501(c)(3) or Section 501(c)(6) organization and its members); or (3) have made independent expenditures in excess of $3,000 within a 12-month period.

Independent expenditures are defined essentially as any payment or expenditure made for electioneering communications or expressly advocating for or against a candidate, provided the
spending is not made in coordination with a candidate or their committee.
While it certainly meets the requirement of being against the candidate -- is there any idea how many of these were made? Do they meet the $3000 requirement for disclosure? Combined with similar anonymous publications, does it meet the requirement?
Even if legally they aren't require to disclose who they are, morally, they should have the character to identify themselves

This type of attack ad didn't work in the 46th ward (Uptown/North Side).

Just like the anti-Lyle ads, these were anonymous, so you couldn't criticize a specific person or group.

There is also a website, Uptown Update, which also anonymously attacks one candidate (Molly Phelan), while tacitly giving support for another (James Cappleman).  (UU had a blog predecessor,, that functioned like this bookmark, with harsh videos. It was promptly deleted when James Cappleman lost his race.)

The candidates who benefited from the anonymous attacks denied knowing who was behind them (which was probably the case, "plausible deniability" to protect the candidate).

However, whether the source of the negativity is clearly known, each candidate has the power to denounce them and have them stopped.

The loser should understand that such negativity will have pushed aside swing voters that could have helped them, and sabotage any future runs. The winner, meanwhile, should understand that the negativity will stick in people's mind, and make it that much harder to win the next time.

We're all still be neighbors after this (with the case of Sawyer and Lyle, literally just a few blocks away), so it would be wise to not demonize each other.

FOLLOW UP: When you throw stones....

Click for larger resolution
Worlee posted an earlier iteration to not only his blog and this blog on Friday, but he also posted it on both this blog's FB page and at Concerned Citizen's of Chatham. The previous flyer didn't have much in the way of details just two simple statements with regards to an abandoned apartment building that it claimed Ald. Lyle owned. This flyer provided a whole essay which was first posted at Concerned Citizens of Chatham.

You see the person who authored this flyer, claims that Ald. Lyle's late mother owned that property at 74th & Vernon. There were also some more details about this building such as the fact that there is a tree growing with in it.

Then towards the end a response to well it's up to about 6 or 7 flyers with regards to challenger Roderick Sawyer's alleged support for video gaming. The last two or so alleges that Sawyer owes $20,000 in back taxes.

This race has turned nasty!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today is the last day to REGISTER vote in the run offs

According to Progress Illinois. Also the last day to early vote is March 31st, that's this coming Thursday. Next Tuesday, April 5th is Election Day for the run-offs.

BTW, if you register today you will be able to partake in "Grace Period" voting where you will cast a ballott at Chicago Board of Election HQ at 69 E. Washington on the 6th floor.

6th Ward: Lyle vs. Sawyer a choice of political style

There’s not much of an age difference between 6th Ward Ald. Freddrenna Lyle, 59, and run- off opponent Roderick Sawyer, 47. So you really can’t call it old-school vs. new school.

In this economically diverse and increasingly crime-plagued South Side ward stretching west from Chatham and Park Manor to East Englewood, it is not even about different visions.

Sawyer vs. Lyle in the April 5 election is more about political style.

“There are some policy things we differ on. He thinks I should have been more proactive on business development, that my process of having businesses go before community groups and vet their proposals is a hindrance,” said Lyle, one of seven incumbents in run-offs supported by Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel. “I don’t superimpose my decisions on the community.”

Both Lyle, on the City Council 13 years, and Sawyer, son of the respected longtime 6th Ward alderman and late Mayor Eugene Sawyer, raise as top priorities crime, education, and jobs.

With entrenched middle-class pockets on the east and similarly lodged poverty pockets on the west, it’s the ward where two Chicago police officers, Thomas Wortham IV and Michael Bailey, died in brazen, high-profile murders in Chatham and Park Manor, respectively.

Of the 16 Chicago public schools in its boundaries, 14 are on academic probation.

And while a recent report said the ward in the last decade bucked the trend of declining jobs — actually seeing a 9 percent increase — business corridors like those on 71st, 75th and 79th streets, or Cottage Grove, could stand fewer empty storefronts.

“And it may not be as sexy as those three issues, but an overriding concern when I talk to people is the lack of response to basic service requests,” said Sawyer, knocking on doors on a recent weekday. “The alderman has become complacent and thinks she has done her job. But the key is to do your job well. A ‘C’ might pass in school. It won’t get you elected.”
I wanted to ask this question over the weekend, however, I wanted to keep it as close to neutral as possible. Do you think the ward could be in better hands under Roderick Sawyer or under Ald. Lyle?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Local program teaches girls the right way to respond to conflict

Local program teaches girls the right way to respond to conflict - PhotoGallery - Chicago Sun-Times

Apparently there is a program right at our very own Harlan High School.
‘No more girl drama.”

That was the topic on a recent chilly day as nine young girls dressed in maroon elementary school colors gathered after classes to sit on the floor around a large pink paper pebble that headlined — “No More Girl Drama.”

The young ladies were busy cutting out smaller paper pebbles and decorating them with their phrases to combat girl drama in and out of school: “Be yourself,” “love yourself,” “tell your teacher,” “make a change” and “be free.”

The session is part of Polished Pebbles Girls Mentoring Program, a nonprofit effort geared to helping girls (7-17 years) become “polished” by teaching etiquette and poise. The program also teaches how to react responsibly instead of retaliating, shows how to act assertively rather than aggressively, explains how to identify the difference between class and sass. The sessions also include an exercise component.

The Sun-Times recently visited the session as the elementary-school girls continued to learn how to be a Polished Pebble and deal with girl drama at the University of Chicago (UIC) Charter School, North Kenwood/Oakland Campus.
Worth a read!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Roderick Sawyer on Straight Talk

Last night Roderick Sawyer took over an edition of the Star Production program Straight Talk which feature a former elected official in the 6th Ward, former State Representative Charles Morrow. This was advertised over at Worlee's Concerned Citizens of Chatham blog. You'll have to find Straight Talk at the bottom of the page and then look for STRAIGHT TALK with SAWYER, BRYSON, & MOORE (well assume that's for Charles Morrow).

Also noted was Worlee's Follow the Money post which takes aim at the many mailers that suggest that challenger Roderick Sawyer is a "strong" proponent of legalized video gaming. They also talk about the many issues facing the 6th ward.

Friday, March 25, 2011

When You Throw Stones You Got To Be Willing To Get Hit With Them

Well it appears that a Sawyer supporter has taken a page out of the SEIU playbook and decided to throw back. Attack ad wars are on, lol.

Black aldermen back reassigning officers - Chicago Sun-Times

Black aldermen back reassigning officers - Chicago Sun-Times

Aldermen Lyle and Brookins were quoted in this article where interim Police Chief Terry Hilliard wants to implement a new place for reassigning police officers:
African-American aldermen said Thursday they’re all for interim Police Supt. Terry Hillard’s plan to reassign officers from specialized units to the patrol division — but only if those freed-up officers go to high-crime districts.

Supt. Jody Weis resigned earlier this month before delivering on the police re-allocation he had promised.

So the next best thing might be Hillard’s plan to siphon 100 officers from the 260-member Mobile Strike Force — and possibly pull officers from other specialized units such as one that focuses on seizing guns from gang members — the aldermen said.

“We would prefer to have more police in the area on a regular basis than to have these paramilitary-type teams come in for a week or two, then leave. They don’t know the community. They don’t know the residents. They treat everybody like they’re a suspect or a criminal,” said Ald. Howard Brookins (21st).

“If you’ve got one area where police are able to respond immediately and other areas where calls are stacked up waiting for service, you have to go where you’re needed,” said Lyle, who represents a South Side ward where two officers were shot within the last year.

Black aldermen will be “screaming again” if officers yanked out of specialized units are not reassigned to districts that need them most, Brookins added.

“There are districts on the North Side where police are trying to manufacture things to do. And there are districts like the 6th [on the South Side] that don’t have enough officers to answer serious calls — let alone the call for, ‘Somebody stole my bike or somebody stole my iPod out of my car,’ ” he said.

Ward Room: Should Chicago's City Council Be Cut in Half?

Rahm Emanuel continues the discussion as to whether or not there should be a reduction in the size of the Chicago City Council. It's been boiled down at least by a few proponents as a cost cutting move as it's noted that the size of the city council costs $19 million. But the discussion should be much more than that.

In a reduced city council what should the role of Alderman be? Would they be better able to effectively serve their constituent communities within their wards? Would they be more responsive to the issues that affect the city as a whole?

Makes You Want To Holla!- The Questions That Have Not Been Answered

As many of you are, I'm sick of seeing the SEIU mailings. So I decided to post a questionnaire that was sent to the candidates in the runoff. Neither campaign returned the questionnaire, but the questions are being posted so the air can be cleared and the candidates can talk about ISSUES.

I still see trash in the ward, poor lighting on 79th street, boarded up buildings, people looking for jobs(Garrett's Popcorn is not going to cut it), landmarks on the verge of closing, there is much more to discuss than the "taken out of context" garbage being posted in the mailings.

Here are the questions:
  1.  Alderman Lyle you and State Representative Constance Howard were officers, Alderman Lyle, treasures and Howard, Vice President, of a Not for Profit (NPO) named “Let’s Talk Let’s Test” (LTLT). The NPO received over $1.7 million in state funds. The NPO purchased a building at 7928 S. Evans in the Chatham community that was suppose to house individuals with HIV/AIDS. The building went into foreclosure and a state audit found that the bank accounts had been looted. Also, it is alleged that some money was spent to purchase a skybox for the Chicago Classic which is headed up by your supporter Mr. Everett Rand. What do you want the community to know about this situation. Candidate Sawyer was is your take on the situation?
  2. The Chatham Park Village Cooperative was once considered the most successful cooperative housing development in the city. Now, the development has over 80 vacancies and is attempting to stave off an imminent foreclosure. What role do you feel the Alderman must play to keep this development from going into foreclosure?
  3. The 6th ward has become one of the leaders in going "green”. Yet, the greenest building in the ward the Chatham Executive Building on 79th Street goes vacant. Why do you think the building is vacant?
  4. Candidate Sawyer several years ago one of your clients filed a complaint against you with the Illinois Bar Association. The client stated you misrepresented him and you lost important documents. What do you want the community to know about this situation? Alderman Lyle what do you have to say about this situation?
  5. Alderman Lyle several years ago you signed off on the rezoning of a parcel of land at 72-73rd Lafayette. The development was built by Spathies Construction which is a Non-Union builder. The development has been abandon and the few homes that were built have major defects and several are in foreclosure. Why did you sign off on this development?
  6. Candidate Sawyer several years ago you were a partner in a lounge on 71st King Drive named S’s. The lounge closed under mysterious circumstances. What happened?
  7. There has been quite a bit of discussion on Abbott Park and who uses the park. Is the local community based organization (CBO) Roseland Heights Community Association request to limit who uses the park and their disregard for a 40 year old intergovernmental agreement between Chicago Park District and Chicago Public Schools valid?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

6th Ward run off early vote

As reported by CPR in a table at the link through Wednesday there have been 1077 early votes cast so far in the run off race between Ald. Lyle and Roderick Sawyer. Here's a brief paragraph:
Another aldermanic race getting a lot of attention is the the 6th Ward on the South Side, where Ald. Freddrenna Lyle faces a challenge from the son of former Chicago Mayor Eugene Sawyer. In excess of a thousand early ballots have been cast in that election.
Early voting continues through March 31st, and the run-off election will commence on April 5th.

Oratorical Contest at Harlan on Saturday

Location: 9652 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60628, USA
Via this election update from Ald. Lyle:
On a non-campaign related issue, we will be having our Annual Souls of Black Folk Oratorical Contest Saturday, March 26th at Harlan High School, 9652 S. Michigan, from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. This is a great opportunity for our youth to gain an invaluable experience in public speaking and a greater understanding of the black literary tradition. Please come out and support our youth.
This event will be at about the same time as the Harlan Family Conference and Resource Fair to take place between 9 AM to 1 PM.

If you plan to attend either or both events feel free to let us know how it went. Much appreciated.

Does anyone have any graphic design experience?

From filmmaker Jamal Cole via e-mail:

A talented local graphic designer is sought to participate in an exciting documentary featuring Chatham’s rich history. Local resident, author, and speaker Jahmal Cole is currently seeking the talents of a local graphic artist to produce the cover design for the groundbreaking release of Chatham: The Pride of Chicago.

“I’m particularly interested in local talent for this project—someone who is not only talented, but who also has a personal understanding of Chatham’s rich history. This individual should be able to produce an appealing cover for the documentary that arouses enthusiasm and reflects the past, present, and future attitudes, culture, people and places in our community,” explained Cole.

Chatham: The Pride of Chicago is being developed by Jahmal Cole and Role Model Movement to recognize the instrumental role Chatham has played in Chicago’s culture. This feature film and the correlating book will document and preserve Chatham’s rich history and culture. It is hoped to create attention and awareness toward returning community pride and dignity to our neighborhood.

Residents of Chatham who have the talents and skills to make a powerful and positive contribution to these projects are encouraged to apply. Contact Jahmal Cole at:

Jahmal Cole
Role Model Movement

P.O. Box 6132
Chicago, IL 60606
(312)882-5028 Direct
(877)592-1066 Fax

"Role Models can be found anywhere. As long as you keep an eye open for them."

Want another look at the blue White House replica in our community?

Location: 8401 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60619, USA

[VIDEO] Dennis Rodkin of Chicago Magazine takes a tour of the mansion @ 8401 S. Michigan.
The Property: In 1966, a couple named Smith built their homage to the White House—only they used imported blue Italian brick. The home has long been a landmark in Chatham, known for its Georgian porch and pillars, its bright blue walls, and its size: the place is about 7,900 square feet, compared to about 1,000 to 1,200 feet for the smaller brick residences that surround it.

By 2003, both the Smiths had died (I can’t determine their first names), and an heir was living in the seriously declining home. Shaunda Brown, who had grown up nearby and remembered admiring the blue house as a girl, bought the place with her then-husband and undertook a thorough renovation of the interior. Her “before” photos show ceilings and walls falling apart and a decrepit kitchen.

Brown redid the entire interior, and it now exudes a wood-toned warmth that begins at the paneled wainscoting in the foyer and extends through the spacious kitchen and the two-story living room. The home’s onetime ballroom has been converted into a gigantic second-floor master bedroom, while a former smoking room (off the living room) is now a very large family room/media room. Other spaces are big, too: there is a huge breakfast room next to the kitchen, and one of the children’s second-floor bedrooms was once the master bedroom, with its own bath. In all, there are four bedrooms (two are much smaller than the ones I’ve mentioned), as well as an office.
Also how much did it take to remodel this mansion:
Brown first put the house on the market in September, asking $1 million. She says her present asking price is about equal to her total investment in it—she and her then-husband paid $515,000 for the home in 2003 and put approximately $400,000 into rehabbing it. The smaller homes in the neighborhood generally run from the upper $100,000s to the lower $200,000s, and larger custom homes generally top out in the lower $400,000s. “I know what I’m dealing with,” Brown says. “Most people looking in this price range aren’t looking in this neighborhood.” There’s always the draw of living half a block from former U.S. senator Roland Burris, whose house once belonged to the gospel-music great Mahalia Jackson.
I'm sure the agent/owner Shaundra Brown would have no problem with us sharing her phone number with you, in case you may want this building: 773.570.4171. You know I wish there were some before pictures available just to see the evolution of this home.

Via Curbed Chicago


What's behind Wal-Mart's push for smaller stores?

Photo provided by CPR

In this picture is the future home of the Wal-Mart Express store that is expected to open at Chatham Market on 83rd & Stewart. It's basically going to be a store similar in concept to a 7-Eleven. In addition in the near future an actual Wal-Mart Supercenter is expected to be built in the same complex.

CPR spoke to Ald. Howard Brookins in the 21st Ward about the Wal-Mart Express and the Supercenter coming to the community. There's also [AUDIO]

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Aldermanic Run-Off News And Notes

Ald. Lyle mentioned in this post from Progress Illinois. In general just news from around the city with regards to the April 5th run off election. Ald. Lyle's name is mentioned under donations and candidate resources:
while 6th Ward Ald. Freddrenna Lyle submitted staff salaries from AFSCME and a mailing worth nearly $10,700 from Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel's New Chicago Committee.

6th Ward Aldermanic forums last night

We were made aware of two forums hosted by the Chicago Defender and the Roseland Heights Neighborhood Association. We got some updates from Kathy Chaney of the Chicago Defender and it's worth sharing with you. These messages start from the most recent.
  • sawyer siad mailing not true. Lyle said she isn't behind it and doesn't condone it.
  • most of crowd was @ both forums. Crowd didn't like mailings abt videogaming and sawyer.
  • lyle said she didn't find out until 2day she was rlly invited 2 rose hghts mtg. Crowd didn't believe her.
  • sawyer showed 2 defender debate. Lyle didn't. Both showed @ rose heights.
  • do u subscribe 2 the defender's e-blasts? Did u know abt roseland heights assn mtg 2nite w/candidates?
  • u get info abt 6th ward forum 2nite @ northern trust from 6p-645p?
For the record, I received no information regarding either the Roseland Heights Aldermanic forums or the Chicago Defender forum.

If Lyle didn't show up for the Chicago Defender debate, that's not good. The Defender endorsed her in time for last month's municipal elections.

BTW, Worlee has been all over the flyers that have been released recently by the SEIU Illinois Council PAC. These flyers claim that Roderick Sawyer has been an ardent supporter of videogaming. These are some really nasty flyers.

Thanks to Ms. Chaney for allowing me to post her tweets.

419 E. 83rd Condemned -Safety or Politics

This is 419 E. 83rd Street an eyesore old abandoned gas station that has been discussed on this blog and The Sixth Ward Blog numerous times. Well it appears that after 30 years in this state of disrepair and complaints to two alderman the building has been condemed. The question is was it done for safety or politics. Back in January the Goodrum -Burton camp decided that they would give it a makeover. They plastered it with posters to create wallpaper.

They posted on the property as well as on the adjacent utility poles. Also, several other candidates used it post campaign literature. Was it condemned to keep the opponent from using it?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In Post-Daley Era, the Status Quo of Ward Politics Is Challenged

This article from the Chicago News Coop mainly takes about the north side ward organizations especially the ones that have run offs such as the 45th & 38th Wards. I would however have liked to have seen more focus on some of those Black wards that have organizations. How will ward politics in the Black wards be affected by Daley's coming departure?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Alderman blasts lack of early warning on school consolidations

Today appears to be education day at The Sixth Ward. So Ald. Lyle is the subject of this Sun-Times article:
A South Side alderman on Monday lashed out at the Chicago Public Schools for forging ahead with discussions to consolidate at least 10 schools without the early warning promised to parents, community leaders and elected officials.

Last summer, Ald. Freddrenna Lyle (6th) was so upset about the top-down process that had targeted two schools in her South Side ward, she co-sponsored a City Council resolution demanding a moratorium on closings.

She backed off, only after then-Schools CEO Ron Huberman promised to implement a five-step process designed to allow more time for community and school input.

On Monday, Lyle lashed out at interim CEO Terry Mazany for blindsiding neighborhoods with school consolidations.

“If a letter had gone out that a particular school was in danger because of low enrollment, parents might have made different decisions at the start of the school year to avoid the disruption. But, these decisions were made without any notice, discussion, assembly or letters,” Lyle said.

“The community is gonna have no input. That is totally contrary to everything we talked about. Promises made to us were totally ignored. The admission that last year’s closings were poorly rolled out has been forgotten.”

She added, “I just don’t know why they’re moving on such a large scale when we don’t know what the new [CPS] administration’s vision is because we don’t’ have a new administration. ... They need to tread very cautiously ... when they want to come into communities and disrupt them. Neighborhood schools do more than educate kids.”

Harlan Family Conference & Resource Fair

Location: 9652 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60628, USA
To take place Saturday, March 26th at Harlan High School @ 9652 S. Michigan Avenue between the hours of 9 AM to 1 PM. And expect there to be a continental breakfast and a hot lunch when you get there. Refer to the flyer below for more details.

However there are some valuable points to this flyer:
  • critical information for your child's academic success
  • informative information for your personal and professional success
  • financing your student education after high school
  • successful transition from elementary school to high school
You want more info you can contact Harlan's Assistant Principal Durrell M. Anderson @ (773) 535-5400 or Raven Hazley who is the GEAR UP post-secondary coach.

BTW, I procured the flyer below at Harlan's LSC meeting on Thursday where they announced that they were named as an AVID National Demonstration School. Also it was said that Rahm Emanuel, the Mayor-elect, may be in attendance at Harlan on the day of this fair. Let's hope that he will be in attendance.

Well, we slept on this story from Chicago State University

Bouncing off of Worlee's post at Concerned Citizen's of Chatham where he wishes to see Chicago State reach out to the community more, our current freshman Republican Senator Mark Kirk.

In January, sometime before President Obama's "State of the Union" speech, Sen. Kirk had visited the campus of Chicago State. The purpose was that Kirk was going to host interns from Chicago State in his office through a Minority Internship Program.

As a result of this visit to the school, Sen. Kirk invited the University's President, Wayne Watson, to the "State of the Union" speech according to this story from the Ward Room.

You can also read this press release from Kirk's official website which talks about Watson joining him at January's "State of the Union" speech and the internship program.

Let's hope that Chicago State continues to not only reach out to our elected officials to allow their students to start their careers in politics or public service. Hopefully they will also recognize that there is a community surrounding their university as well.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Survey- If the Election Were Held Today Who Would You Vote For?

A survey was conducted for the February election and  now for the April 5, 2011 runoff. Who would you vote for if the election was today?

Roderick Sawyer

Freddrenna Lyle

Cast your vote here                                                                                        

Survey open until  3/25/2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

IVI-IPO Candidate Questionnare & Sun-Times endorsement

Concerned Citizens of Chatham: IVI-IPO Candidate Questionnare

Worlee posts the responses to IVI-IPO questionnaires from both Ald. Lyle and her challenger Roderick Sawyer. He gives a hat-tip to Uptown Update.

Also the Sun-Times will stick with their endorsement of Ald. Lyle in the April 5th runoff election. Here is their original endorsement in time for the February 22, 2011 municipal election
Ald. Freddrenna M. Lyle is in a tough fight to hold onto her seat against five opponents, including Roderick T. Sawyer, former Mayor Eugene Sawyer’s son. The ward, which includes east Englewood, Chatham and Park Manor, is struggling after a recent spike in crime. We’re backing Lyle. She’s smart, devoted to her ward and a newly constituted City Council needs her fire — though we urge her to use it more sparingly. It’s good to see several quality candidates running, locals who care about stabilizing their ward. In particular, we were impressed by Cassandra Goodrum-Burton, a lawyer who has a strong grasp of city issues.
BTW, early voting for the 6th Ward run-off continues through March 31st. Go no further than our Whitney Young Branch at 79th & King Drive.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Harlan Advanced Placement & AVID

Ald. Lyle posted this on our FB page wall Thursday night:
A press conference was held today at Harlan High School to announce that CPS was among 4 school systems in the US that were honored for their increase in the number of students of color enrolled in Advance Placement Classes. The event was held at Harlan because it doubled the number of students sitting for the AP exams. Students passing with a 3, 4, or 5 get College credit for their studies. Congrats Harlan!
I went to the recent LSC meeting that night which was where I was alerted via e-mail that she has posted. You can check out this article from CPR. There was mention of AVID that night. In fact it was posted on the marquee out front because well whoever runs AVID was there to evaluate the school.

Turns out Harlan Community Academy is now an AVID (Advancement VIA Individual Determination) "national demonstration" school. An honor that is only held by a selective enrollment military academy in the Chicago Public Schools. So Harlan so far is the only neighborhood urban school to have achieved this honor. At the LSC, they showed a video talking about the AVID program interspersed with both students and faculty discussing the program.

BTW, it seems (although anyone can correct me if I'm wrong) the AVID and the AP classes are related in some way.

Finally I think we need to know about the third Harlan student who went to the White House within the past month, but this time to visit with our First Lady Michell Obama. The link to an article was posted at the school's website. Alas if you read this article, they made no mention of where this young lady went to school.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

No endorsement in 6th Ward from Emanuel Allies

Clout St. about the group "For a Better Chicago". We already linked to another story where Ald. Lyle returned a donation from this group. So this is really old news and perhaps as a result of that, she gets no endorsement from them as indicated in this posting:
It’s also making no endorsement in the 6th Ward, where Ald. Freddrenna Lyle faces a challenge from Roderick Sawyer, the son of a former mayor. Lyle, who pledged to return money from the group after a Tribune story about it, is backed by Emanuel.
In other neighboring wards, they have endorsed in the run-offs in the 20th ward.  They endorsed incumbent Ald. Willie Cochrane over his challenger Che "Rhymefest" Smith.

Missing 11-year-old boy found safe - Chicago Sun-Times

Missing 11-year-old boy found safe - Chicago Sun-Times

Glad to hear that this young man is safe but what causes an 11 year-old child to be suicidal. Well at any age something is wrong, but for a child there is really something wrong. Now that he's been found let's hope he gets all the help he needs.

Found this Trulia listing via EveryBlock

For the Park Manor Bowl @ 100 East 75th Street. Blogged about this place and their licensing posting from EveryBlock this past November which apparently was under "THE NEW PARK MANOR INC". Now it appears listed for $850,000 and strangely enough it's considered a single-family home on Trulia.

So who wants to own a bowling alley?

BTW, want more real estate listings look no further than the Blotter.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mayor Daley Announces Walmart To Build Six New Stores In Englewood, Chatham, Pullman And West Loop Communities

Mayor Daley Announces Walmart To Build Six New Stores In Englewood, Chatham, Pullman And West Loop Communities

[VIDEO]The link above is a press release from the City of Chicago. The link within the brackets is of a video of Mayor Daley who gave a speech at 76th & Ashland - according to Crain's - who urged citizens not to wait 6 years for jobs.

Wal-Mart unveiled plans to build stores at several locations on the south side including two Wal-Mart Supercenters @ 111th St. & Doty and 83rd St. & Stewart. Well we already know about those.

Also a Wal-Mart Express store @ 83rd & Stewart and 71st & Western. We at least already know about a Wal-Mart Express coming to 83rd & Stewart at the Chatham Market Shopping Center.

Finally we already know about a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market to be located @ 76th & Ashland where Mayor Daley hosted this press conference which unveiled more plans for a Wal-Mart.

BTW, this Defender article talked about the 6th Ward race and got a comment about Wal-Mart from Ald. Lyle:
Walmart Stores Inc. plans to open a store in the neighboring 21st Ward this summer at 83rd Street and Stewart Avenue. But Lyle predicts a Walmart store would hurt small businesses in her ward and she is working with those businesses to help them remain competitive and open.
OK, would very much like to hear more about the plan to help those smaller businesses compete against Wal-Mart. If not just from Ald. Lyle, also from her challenger Roderick Sawyer. The Chatham Market Wal-Mart is coming.

Looking for more Wal-Mart posts look here!

6th Ward runoff pits incumbent against late mayor’s son

This Chicago Defender article talks about the 6th Ward run-off race:
The 6th Ward on the South Side is up for grabs with incumbent Ald. Freddrenna Lyle on the defense after two high profile murders took place there last year.

The murders of two Chicago police officers last year left voters in the ward undecided about who to support, forcing Lyle into an April 5 runoff to keep her post, she said.

“These two high-profile murders and a series of other incidents has put safety at the forefront of this election and now residents are worried if it is safe to live in the 6th Ward,” Lyle explained. “There were also too many candidates running for one person to win. And for these reasons I fell short of winning re-election last month.”

Lyle squared off against five challengers and received 44 percent of the 15,045 votes cast in the ward followed by her opponent, Chicago attorney Roderick Sawyer, who received 25 percent. She needed fifty percent plus one to avoid a runoff.

But the alderman said she is confident that voters will side with her in part because she has a vision to improve the area.

Wal-Mart plans 2 more S. Side stores - Chicago Sun-Times

Wal-Mart plans 2 more S. Side stores - Chicago Sun-Times

Wal-Mart expansion continues on the South Side at there will be a Wal-Mart "Neighborhood Market" to be located at 76th & Ashland. Also expected is a smaller Wal-Mart convenience store (prolly an "Express" store like what is to be opened at Chatham Market in the near future before the Wal-Mart "Supercenter" will open) in the same West Englewood area.

The Sun-Times noted that the "Neighborhood Market" would be located in the 17th Ward, home of Ald. Latasha Thomas who is currently in a run-off campaign to retain her city council seat.

Hey what's a "Neighborhood Market" anyway?
Neighborhood Market is a mid-sized format for city neighborhoods, a condensed version of the big-box Wal-Marts. The company previously has announced plans for a Neighborhood Market in the Presidential Towers apartment complex in the West Loop.
In other news Wal-Mart seems poised to expand in Chicago's North side in the Lakeview community as per this article from CBS2Chicago via Curbed.

Roseland Heights Community Council President Resigns and Joins Sawyer Camp

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

While two candidates remain, six make their presence known in 6th Ward runoff

There may not be room for all six candidates on the ballot in the 6th Ward’s aldermanic runoff, but apparently the defeated are not going quietly.

According to remaining candidate Roderick T. Sawyer's campaign, all four candidates who didn’t make the final cut in the South Side ward’s Feb. 22 municipal race have thrown their support behind him. He will take on longtime incumbent Freddrenna Lyle on April 5.

However, Richard A. Wooten said Tuesday that he has not publicly endorsed anyone.

The alleged endorsements surfaced in a press release from Sawyer’s campaign office Monday announcing the support of former candidates Brian E. Sleet, Cassandra Goodrum-Burton, Sekum Walker and Wooten. Sawyer, who received almost 25 percent of the vote in the first-round municipal, is the son of the late Chicago mayor and 6th Ward Ald. Eugene Sawyer.

While the four former candidates collectively earned more than 30 percent of the vote, it is unclear how those votes will distribute themselves in the upcoming runoff. Sawyer said that although the endorsement is a tremendous boost for his campaign and he hopes it brings him over the top to beat Lyle — who earned 44.5 percent of the vote in the primary — it does not guarantee a victory for his camp.

“It’s a positive sign, but it’s not the end-all be-all,” Sawyer said.

Read the entire article at

Concerned Citizens of Chatham: Recap of March 6th Ward Meeting

Concerned Citizens of Chatham: Recap of March 6th Ward Meeting

Worlee provided not only pictures of the March 11, 2011 6th Ward meeting - located at Chatham Fields Evangelical Lutheran Church @ 8050 S. St. Lawrence Ave - but a basic recap. This starts with representatives from Commissioner Larry Rodgers talking about how to appeal property tax assessments. Then a representive from the Chicago Police's 6th District regarding crime in beats 623 & 624. Finally a representative from the Chicago Dept. of Transportation discusses the "Aldermanic menu". That is money used by each of the 50 individual aldermen for infrastructure repair.

Read more at Concerned Citizens of Chatham.

Mayor-elect's funds phone banks for Ald. Lyle

Chicago News Coop:
The political fund that Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel formed recently to aid his allies has begun pouring money into the races for the City Council runoff election on April 5.

Emanuel’s New Chicago Committee on Monday reported spending almost $16,000 on a poll for Ald. Danny Solis‘ 25th Ward Regular Democratic Organization, state campaign-finance disclosure records show. The committee also paid about $10,000 for phone banks for embattled incumbents Freddrenna Lyle (6th Ward), JoAnn Thompson (16th) and Latasha Thomas (17th).

Emanuel’s committee has not yet reported who is making the donations that are funding these activities on behalf of council allies.
Emanuel’s committee paid Groundswell Communications Inc. of Alexandria, Va., for the phone banks for Lyle, Thompson and Thomas.
The run-off campaign is already off to an interesting start. This may be even more interesting.

Could Groundswell Communications be related to the company Worlee referenced to on his FB page?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Real Talk with R.A.G.E.- 3/31 - 5:30pm @Kelly Library

Save the Date! Real Talk with R.A.G.E.- 3/31 - 5:30pm @Kelly Librar
Problems Need Solutions!

Do you have a solid plan to address the issues of Greater Englewood?

Well join us for "REAL TALK WITH RAGE!"

This will be an interactive Solution-Based Roundtable Forum

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kelly Library
6151 S. Normal Blvd.

RSVP is required if you are interesting in presenting your plan at the forum.Refreshments Will Be Served

RSVP at or call 866.845.1032

All Greater Englewood community members, political officials, and stakeholders are welcome to attend!

We all know the problems, its time to focus on SOLUTIONS, REAL TALK!!

Woman shot in chest near CTA station - The SouthtownStar

Woman shot in chest near CTA station - The SouthtownStar
The shooting happened about 2:30 a.m. in the 9500 block of South State Street, near the 95th Street/Dan Ryan station on the CTA's Red Line, police officer Hector Alfaro said.

The woman was found on the street with a gunshot wound to the chest and was taken to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Alfaro said.

No information about her condition was available. No one was in custody.

Calumet Area detectives are investigating.
Happened very early this morning. Still even though this was in the evening this was very unsettling.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Charles Butler at Greater Chatham Alliance meeting on March 19

From a press release from Greater Chatham Alliance:

Join us on Saturday March 19, 2011 for a special Greater Chatham Alliance Community Council meeting featuring:

Charles Butler of  WVON

The outspoken, always riveting and topical Mr. Butler, will give his perspectives on Chicago's recent mayoral election outcome and the run-off aldermanic races across the city—(including the 6th Ward race)

Be prepared to be challenged, enlightened--maybe even a little shocked!

Butler doesn't hold back any verbal punches on today's news & the people who make it!

It’s part of GCA’s "March Madness Membership Drive" kick-off!

GCA March Meeting

Saturday, March 19
11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
St. James Lutheran Church
8000 S. Michigan

Charles Butler can be heard on The Talk of Chicago! WVON Radio - 1690 AM.

The Other Side with Charles Butler

Monday through Friday
7 - 10pm

Saturday, March 12, 2011

6th Ward run off on TV

So you can come to one place and click the links to them
More will be added to the list if there will be more TV appearances for both Ald. Lyle and Sawyer.

As an added bonus, this segment was taped after Off 63rd went off the air Thursday night as the challengers continued their discussion. [VIDEO]

RE: Re: Opponents back Sawyer in 6th Ward runoff

In response to a posting over at Worlee's Concerned Citizen's of Chatham FB page where he linked to his own blog post entitled "The Rahm Team is Coming to the Sixth Ward" this is what Richard Wooten had to say:
This is truly ridicules; we have to stop the political machine from holding our ward hostage. It’s time for the people of the 6th Ward to speak up and let all interested parties know that we the people of the 6th ward will decide who we wa...nt to represent us in city council. It’s not going to be about who has the most money to spend on this campaign, so take the $10,000.00 & $50,000.00 donations because the people of the 6th ward is watching and listening …we are listening for the resolutions to saving and aiding our schools in providing productive means to advance the academics of our youth, we are interested in the social and economic services and strategies that would help improve the ills of our ward, and let’s not forget public safety; with roughly 102 Robberies, 91 Burglaries, and 4 Homicides thus far (compliments of CPD Clearmap). We need Change! I am so tired of talking to people who are not from the 6th ward trying to persuade me to vote for their agenda as if I’m confused and need help deciding. Enough is enough, I do realize the 6th Ward needs a change and I am asking all who supported me as a candidate join me now as a concerned citizen of the 6th Ward and cast your Ballot for Roderick Sawyer. Let’s give Roderick Sawyer a chance because we need a change. Yes this is my official Endorsement.
OK! So now Wooten endorses Rod Sawyer for 6th Ward Alderman. And as you will see Sawyer himself liked the comment. :P

CRAIN'S: Seaway Bank & Trust buys Milwaukee's failed Legacy Bank

So for the first time in it's history, I believe Seaway Bank is going to cross state lines according this story:
Chicago's Seaway Bank & Trust Co., the city's largest African-American-owned bank, entered the Milwaukee market Friday with the purchase of a failed black-owned lender.

The acquisition of Legacy Bank, founded 12 years ago by three African-American women to cater to underserved parts of Milwaukee, is Seaway's second failed-bank deal in the last five months. It bought First Suburban National Bank in west suburban Maywood in October.

Wisconsin banking regulators closed Legacy Bank. Seaway acquired $183 million in deposits and $166 million in assets from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., which seized Legacy Bank Friday. Seaway entered into a loss-share agreement with the FDIC on $120 million of those assets.

With $517 million in assets as of Dec. 31, Seaway serves mainly the South Side and has branches and ATMs at both O'Hare and Midway airports.
OK so a predominantly white-owned suburban bank last year is taken over now the counterpart in Milwaukee.

VIDEO: The lastest edition of Off 63rd w/ Garrard McClendon

This week's edition we see the challengers to the three incumbent Aldermen we saw the week before. Aldermen Joann Thompson (16th), Willie Cochran (20th), and Freddrenna Lyle  appeared on the show the Thursday before. This week we have Hal Baskin (16th), Che "Rhymefest" Smith (20th) and Roderick Sawyer.

I won't attempt to editorialize just attempt to remember some of what was said Thurdsay night. McClendon had to challenge the notion of one of the incumbents who claimed they didn't have time to campaign. Roderick Sawyer challenged why Ald. Lyle hadn't started turning neighborhood schools into community schools. He was probably referring to what she said on Chicago Tonight the previous evening.

Also a caller called in to support Roderick Sawyer. He said he was a senior citizen and he doesn't like the condition of 79th Street. He also talked about the days of Sawyer's father, who...well we already know who Roderick's father is.

In any event, here are videos from Thursday night embedded below here are the links [VIDEO: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3]

Friday, March 11, 2011

Council’s Black Caucus Chairman Resigns

According to the Chicago News Coop, Ald. Walter Burnett (27th), has resigned his position as Chairman of the City Council Black Caucus. Two of our neighboring Aldermen are mentioned to replace Burnett:
Aldermen Latasha Thomas (17th) and Howard Brookins (21st) touted themselves as possible successors Wednesday. Brookins won re-election in last month’s general election. Thomas is fighting to retain her seat in the April 5 runoff election against former 17th Ward Democratic Organization field director David Moore.

“I would love to do that,” Brookins said of leading the City Council’s black caucus. “We need to focus on some issues of key importance to the African American community, namely the paltry number of contracts that African Americans and minorities are getting out of the city.”

Brookins said he also wants the next leader of the black caucus to focus on fundraising for caucus members so they won’t have to rely as heavily on outside groups for campaign contributions.

“It could make key members independent of everybody—the mayor, the unions, special interests, so we can truly work in the interests of the communities we represent.” Brookins said.
Ald. Thomas didn't have a quote in the article but also stated that there should be a focus on city contracts for minority businesses.

EVENT: Lyle fundraiser reception at Army & Lou's tonight!

From Ald. Lyle's campaign:
Friday, March 11, 2011
5:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.

The Legendary Army & Lou's
422 E. 75th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60619

Good food, music and conversation!
For more information call: 773-994-5747

Roderick Sawyer: Sunday Brunch and Conversation Fundraiser

Via Concerned Citizens of Chatham:
Sunday March 13, 2010
Josephine's (formerly Capt's Hard Times)
436 E 79th
Chicago IL 60619
3:00-6:00 pm
The  news here is not necessarily this campaign event for Roderick Sawyer as he campaigns in the run off, but to ask this question. Since when did Capt's Hard Times become Josephines? I'm missing something here.

Tribune endorsement in the 6th Ward run off...

Of course there are endorsements in other races other than our own:
6th Ward: A community with so many assets should be thriving, but this South Side ward has not under the direction of Ald. Freddrenna Lyle. Voters complain that she is not responsive enough to constituents, which may explain why she was forced into a runoff. Our choice is Roderick Sawyer, a lawyer and the son of the late Mayor Eugene Sawyer. Rod Sawyer would put a major emphasis on public safety. He understands the best antidote to crime is a good job. He would help put Chicago back in sound financial shape. Sawyer is endorsed.

FDIC finds no political influence in ShoreBank's attempted save

Before ShoreBank was taken over last year there were many who decried (even organized a tea party near the downtown offices of ShoreBank) whatever political connnection they had to survive. Not sure the FDIC's report would put a rest to those accusations. As weall know ShoreBank is now Urban Partnership Bank:
During the tortured effort to rescue failing South Side lender ShoreBank last year, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chairman Sheila Bair called Wall Street banks soliciting investments in the bank, but a new report by the FDIC's inspector general concluded the intervention wasn't inappropriate.

The report, released Thursday, also disclosed that the estimated loss to the FDIC's insurance fund from ShoreBank's failure has grown substantially since its August failure. As of January, it stands at $452 million, up from the $329 million the FDIC announced when it closed the bank last year and sold the deposits and assets to newly formed Urban Partnership Bank.

The higher estimate was due to “asset recovery assumptions and liquidation information,” the report said.

The FDIC's inspector general was asked by Republican leaders on the House Financial Services Committee to look into whether there was undue political influence in the attempt to bail out ShoreBank, the $2.2-billion-asset bank that gained national renown for lending in low-income urban communities.

Return of the Shelter Lounge & Deli

Via Concerned Citizens of Chatham, who says that the Shelter Lounge @ 605 E. 87th St. appears to have re-opened. Worlee wonders who is behind the reopening of the Shelter Lounge and if the Deli will return at all.

You can read a previous post about the Shelter here. It's been close to two years since I've learned that this establishment had closed. Let's hope it does return full time.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Re: Opponents back Sawyer in 6th Ward runoff

Over at Worlee's FB page Concerned Citizens of Chatham, Richard Wooten wrote this comment yesterday about a press release from the Sawyer campaign about the other candidates backing Roderick Sawyer:
As a previous candidate I ran my campaign dedicated to keeping the people of the 6th Ward informed and not playing politics as usual. The people of the 6th Ward deserve to be informed appropriately when it comes to issues concerning the War...d, over the past couple of days I have been made aware of by concerned citizens as well as a reporter that I have Endorsed Mr. Sawyer. Mr. Sawyer and I have spoken on several occasions and we both feel that the 6th Ward truly needs a change. Understand that although Mr. Sawyer and I have similar concerns I have not made an endorsement for any candidate. If and when I make an endorsement I would do so only after I have given the courtesy of informing my supporters.

Chicago Tonight: 6th Ward candidate forum

[VIDEO: Part 1, Part 2] The first segment (duration 8 minutes) embedded above on WTTW Wednesday night featuring not only Roderick Sawyer who we already knew was appearing on Chicago Tonight. It also included Ald. Lyle the lady he seeks to replace on the Chicago City Council.

The second segment is web exclusive video that you can also access on the WTTW 6th Ward runoff page. It was a continuation of the discussion in Part 1. Duration is 8 1/2 minutes.

In both segments there is a good discussion. Ald. Lyle caught my ear about turning our neighborhood schools into community centers offering social and educational services after school to not only the students but also to their families or the rest of the community. Sawyer mentioned the land where the Rhodes Theater once sat and noted that nothing sits there now. Especially noting that the retail on 79th Street is stagnant.

So went from more local issues here in the 6th to more city wide issues such as level of city services or where the city might be able to cut spending or raise revenue.

Also note that Roderick Sawyer will appear on Garrard McClendon's Off 63rd Thursday night at 6:30. I hope to encourage you all to call in with any questions for the challenger Roderick Sawyer. Whether you talk to him on the phone or otherwise offer Garrard a comment on many of his FB pages.

Here are previous posts on run-off activity on TV:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Candidate Roderick Sawyer to Appear on Chicago Ton...

Via Concerned Citizens of Chatham:
Candidate Rod Sawyer will be on Chicago Tonight, Wednesday, March 9 at 7 p.m. Tune in to see Rod discuss the issues.
I will post the video of Sawyer's segment when it's available.

CAPCC Economic Development Task Force

Chatham/Avalon Park Community Council: CAPCC Economic Development Task Force:
CAPCC Economic Development Task Force
“The State of the African American Economy”
Thursday; March 24, 2011 @ Urban Partnership Bank
7936 S. Cottage Grove
6pm – 8pm 

Wal-Mart to add small-format store on South Side

Chicago Real Estate Daily:
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. will open its first urban Wal-Mart Express store, its smallest-format store yet, this summer in the Chatham Market at 83rd Street and Stewart Avenue on the South Side, Alderman Howard Brookins (21st) confirmed.

The world’s largest retailer will build out an existing 10,000-square-foot building immediately to the east of a Potbelly’s sandwich shop along 83rd Street. The new store, not much larger than many 7-Elevens, will carry convenience-minded grocery items.

The Wal-Mart Express will be in the same retail center as a Wal-Mart Supercenter approved last summer. The smaller store will be about two blocks northeast of the supercenter.

“I was told (Wal-Mart) wants to try a new concept and see how it works,” Mr. Brookins said. “There’s the thought that some people don’t want to shop in a big box but need convenient groceries.”
OK so there will be both a Wal-Mart Supercenter and a Wal-Mart Express at the Chatham Market development. Interesting.

Ald. Lyle & Roderick Sawyer on Politics Tonight March 7

JP wrote about this on Monday. Only wished that we knew about this so that we could encourage you all to call into this program when it first aired at 6 PM. We really do want you to get to know our candidates running for 6th Ward Alderman and one way to do so is to call into this program.

Perhaps if you follow either Worlee's Concerned Citizens of Chatham FB page, or our FB page, as well as this blog or Worlee's Blog. It seems that the heat has turned up in this race. The press releases and the responses between the campaigns seems to indicate as much.

There seemed to be some fireworks last night at two points. When Roderick Sawyer dissmissed Ald. Lyle's role in the Chatham Village Square retail development at 87th & Cottage Grove. Ald. Lyle verbally objected before being reminded by host Paul Lisnek that he would give her an opportunity to respond. You will see that in the Part 2 video.

The other moment was when a caller, Jill from the 6th Ward, called into the program talking about Ald. Lyle's voting record during the Daley administration. Ald. Lyle referred to Jill as a Sawyer supporter in responding that she herself didn't vote with Mayor Daley 100% of the time. You will see that in the Part 3 video.

In case the embeds below doesn't work [VIDEO: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4]

BTW, Roderick Sawyer's campaign FB page just revealed that Sawyer himself will be on Garrard McClendon's Off 63rd on WYCC-20, Thursday night at 6:30 PM. So now that you know that no excuse to not call into that program or at the very least send Garrard some FB comments on his page.