Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sun-Times features the Chatham community

Location: 8300 S St Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60619, USA
Mary Mitchell began a 3 part series on Chatham.   It features several of our residents.

In 1986, the Sun Times wrote some articles about Chatham.  This series is a sort of update for those articles.

Here's the intro
There are things the good Lord and good black folks just wouldn’t allow in Chatham.

No barbecuing on the front lawn.

No hanging on corners.

No loud music.

No ball-playing after dark.

No penny-pitching on sidewalks or racket on the street at all hours of the night.

And definitely, definitely no trampling the grass.

The rules in Chatham were never painted on signs. Instead, they’ve long been etched in the hearts of homeowners who live in the neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago bounded roughly by the Dan Ryan Expressway to the west, Cottage Grove Avenue on the east, 87th Street on the south and 79th Street on the north
Read the full article here.

The series is as follows:
DAY 1: The Changing Chatham – a look back at 20 years of a neighborhood in transition.

DAY 2: A Class DIVIDE - Chatham isn’t the exclusive community with high property values and picky landlords that it used to be.

DAY 3: The Next Generation Fights for the Future.
What do you think of the article? Does it represent us well?


  1. I'm happy that more light is being shed on this community. Every month now there's another documentary or article popping up.

  2. Well, you may not like the next couple of installments as Mrs. Mitchell 'tells it like it is', style may put some people off.

    I was aware of this piece as she spoke to me several months ago.

  3. The new neighbors don't want you help or advice. And you may find an unpleasant outcome for offering. They are animals no other way to say it. Filth and chaos is their comfort zone.

  4. Anonymous, it seems that you are no better than the people you are attacking. We have rules on this virtual part of the Chatham community -- which means you're supposed to post your name or some kind of consistent identifier.

    I'm a relatively new person on the block. The first thing one of my neighbors said, when we introduced ourselves and i mentioned working with urban youth ministries, was "we don't tolerate any riff raff here." Not exactly a great way to welcome people. (And she had only owned her home 2 years herself).

    We have section 8 renters next to us. The boys are actually receptive to us when we gently and respectfully remind them how they should act. We show REAL interest in their education, inspiring them to keep learning and to stay out of trouble.

    Contact us through the blog's e-mail at BLOG@THESIXTHWARD.US and perhaps I can stop by and talk to your neighbors.

  5. Anom, I do understand your frustration, but as I have learned we got to use our head instead of our mouths to solve the problems of bad neighbors. Screaming and name calling only gets yopur blood pressure up and convinces them that they are getting their way.

    Somewhere down the line introducing yourself and your children went out of favor and usually when this happens its a signal that you are going to have issues, but stand firm and state you would appreciate if your neighbors respect your property and if they resist then use the resources available such as block club reps and if not there 311 for properties in disrepair, CAPS beat meetings for nefarious activity and 1-800-533-0441 if section 8 violations.


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