Concerned Citizens of Chatham: Recap of Carter Temple Meet and Greet

with Alderman Roderick Sawyer...

Worlee was able to make it to this event from last Saturday. I wanted to make it, but had other things going on that day. Hopefully the next one is being planned right now.

This aspect of the meeting is a nice touch:
This past Saturday there was a Meet and Greet with Alderman Sawyer. the meeting was well attended with approximately 200-250 residents in attendance. The Alderman started the meeting with a prayer and then asked those in attendance to find someone they did not know and introduced themselves. After about 15 minutes the Alderman started the meeting with introducing his staff starting with Chief of Staff Brian Sleet.
Also he's asking for people to be involved with his advisory committees on such areas as Education, Economic Development, Beautification, Crime, etc. If you're interested don't contact us the e-mail is 6thWardChicago [@] gmail [.] com.


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