Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chatham Pancake House returning...?

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Here's the story
Chatham Pancake House re-opening?

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CAPCC's President Keith Tate says former owner in discussions to reopen restaurant

by La Risa Lynch

The Chatham Pancake House or any other Chatham location will not be home to a proposed pawnshop.

Members attending the general meeting of the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council voted unanimously to reject EZCORP’s request to open a pawnshop in the shuttered restaurant, located at 700 E. 87th St. Instead the pancake house’s former owner Noel Leslie wants to re-launch his restaurant, according to CAPCC’s President Keith Tate.

Tate told the that Leslie is in discussions with the building’s owner to reopen the restaurant. Leslie worked there for years before becoming the restaurant’s owner.

Tate noted he hasn’t heard from EZCORP officials since they attended a Sept. 28 meeting to discuss their proposal. EZCORP is the parent company of EZPAWN.

Tate said officials from the publicly traded company were invited to CAPCC’s general meeting held Oct. 10th at Chatham Avalon Church of Christ. No EZCORP officials attended that meeting.

Tate noted that the “no” vote at the general meeting pertains to any location within the organization’s boundaries.
Read the entire article, which also talks about the Milburn Alternative School at St. Clotilde.

Speaking of the Chatham Pancake House...has anyone heard from Nate Edmonds, who owned "Yonni's" , whcih followed Chatham Pancake House? They had good food and great service. But when i invited a friend over for breakfast last year (in May) we discovered it had closed (which I found out later was due to not paying taxes and other state fees).

Quite a few people I know mentioned knowing Nate Edmonds, who had "Networking King" on his business why did we let his business fail? Or am I missing something?

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  1. We didn't let his business fail. HE let his business fail. Those who know Nate Edmonds knew he wasn't a restauranteur. He had been in real estate and was forced out of the business because of a couple of shady transactions.

    You collect tax money, you deposit in the tax account and pay the taxing bodies. Consumers are not responsible for that. So he did it too himself. Lastly the building is ot in his name its in someone else's name. So think about that.

    As far as Noel. I think he should go through the same public scrutiny as any other business that comes to the community. Has he paid back Country Club Hills? Will he sell out again the next time he sees a suburban restaurant for sale?


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