Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rich Wooten running for State Rep. AND Committeeman

Rich Wooten, who won 3rd place in this year's aldermanic election, had previously said he would run for state representative, to take over from retiring Connie Howard. This morning on Facebook, he also added an intention to run for 6th Ward Democratic committeeman.

Here is the Facebook wall post:
Morning all, after attending the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council meeting last evening and hearing the many concerns and issues that were voiced by residents of the 6th ward, which continue to go unattended to by our Alderman. Excuses, Excuses, and more excuses? I am convinced that I will be running for 6th ward Committeeman, and Illinois State Representative of the 34th District. People deserve real results to their issues, not poiltical posturing. I felt the frustrations and tentions brewing. It is important that we Restore Value, BALANCING THE POWER & Getting The Job Done!!!!!!!
You can friend him on Facebook here.   (note that his Facebook shortname is "WootenHasMyVote" )

We will soon post up candidates for 2012 elections. Please send  any information on candidates to blog (at) TheSixthWard (dot) us


  1. Politicians would do better if they showed voters that they can spell. "poiltical" is not a word.

    Please feel free to read my blog at http://overthetopgolf.blogspot.com

    Frankie C

  2. Ronald Sistrunk, Sr.November 17, 2011 at 9:29 AM

    People this is what’s wrong with politics today, people waking up and deciding that they want this position or that position not thinking about what the people want. I have lived in the 6th and the 8th wards respectively and I don't know if you are a Sawyer support or not (I am) he is doing a GREAT Job the ward is clean and he is making it look live able again. I don't know if he want to be the committeeman (he should and I need some petitions if he does) or not but I sure hope he does because it just fall within the job he is already doing. If Mr. Woo-tan, wants to run for 34th Dist. St. Rep so be it why don't he focus his attention on that position I am sure that will be a full time job because I plan to make it hot out here for any one running. Just for disclosure yes I plan to run also and I will be releasing my 9-9-9 plan for the 34th Dist as soon as I am on the ballot. WOW! Maybe Mr. Sawyer didn't attend meeting because he had a prior engagement, let's not start with the gutter politics the man just got in office I didn’t see you riding Lyles like this You said it (YOU) Woo-tan finish third He WON!!!!. Alderman Sawyer is doing a great job so far!!! See you on the battle field LOL!!!

  3. Mr. Sistrunk:

    Take a look in the mirror, you are exactly what's wrong with politics. You've jumped on a post to attack Mr. Wooten's (spelled WOOTEN) announcement that he's running for State Rep and Committeemen and accuse him of gutter politics. Yet, in the same terribly written post, announce your own candidacy with a promise to "make it hot" (whatever that means) for other candidates. It sounds to me like you need to practice what you preach. Just like Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan doesn't make sense, neither does your argument. It's wonderful that you support Mr. Sawyer and believe he's doing a great job. However, your belief is not fact. It's opinion and you are entitled to one. You do not speak for the entire 6th ward. I have heard others in the ward are unhappy with Mr. Sawyer. Some residents across the ward feel that Mr. Sawyer has been absent and ineffective on critical issues facing the 6th ward, like the proposed remapping and the growing violence in the community. And for full disclosure, I say this as someone who is neither a Sawyer supporter nor a Wooten supporter. I do not live in the 6th ward. I live in the 5th ward. I pay attention to what's happening in my community and those around me because I recognize that our wards are just small parts of this greater south side whole. You started this post by stating the problem with politics, but the real problem is people like who do nothing but talk about people and not real issues. For once, I want to see a candidate talk about a real plan to curb violence; a plan to get involved in our failing schools; a plan to address the food dessert we live in; a plan to bring jobs to our communities. It is so easy to just take shots at your opponents in the name of trying to win an election, but why not let your platform speak for itself. I am very interested to see what you and Mr. Wooten have to offer the 34th District. Until you have something substantive to offer, you are no different and certainly no better than him! You're just another wannabe politician trying to "make it hot" (whatever that means).

    On another note, I certainly hope that whatever you put out there as a platform is far more thoughtful and articulate than your post. Take note, a sentence typically has a subject, predicate and proper punctuation. It would be in your best interest to get some help with this!

  4. *Note, I meant food desert, not dessert.

  5. What food desert? Wasn't that the reason we needed Walmart? We now have Walmart and Walmart Express so is the food desert now an oasis?

  6. Worlee: Walmart is a start, but it's a far cry from an oasis.

  7. The food desert is a myth. We are being led to believe if your community doesn't have a Whole Foods(aka Whole Paycheck), Trader Joe's and any other high end store the media has told us to shop at the your community is a food desert. Per the USDA http://www.ers.usda.gov/data/fooddesert/fooddesert.html the greater Southside is not a food desert. If you live in the 5th then you are damn sure not in a food desert and in the 6th there isn't one either. The 6th ward issue is bad choices. There is no Whole Foods, Trader Joe's in Beverly and no one ever suggest a food desert, so that tells you this nothing but propaganda.

  8. For those who follow the blog. Yes, I'm avoiding speaking on the candidates at this point but keep following as I will have a lot to say later.

  9. Worlee: Food desert is not a myth, nor propaganda. My comment to our communities being a food desert has nothing to do with the lack of a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. Also, I wasn't simply referring to the 5th or 6th wards alone, but to the greater south side. The USDA might not deem the south side a food desert, but I'm not defining food desert simply as supermarket access. I believe it's far more complicated than just grocery stores. It's about the quality of food (groceries and restaurants), proximity to it, as well as the economics of what's offered. Fast food chains, greasy spoons and liquor stores far out number the options and access to good quality food. In other words, "bad choices" is a big part of the problem.

    Btw: I look forward to your thoughts on the candidates.


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