Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why It's Time for Chatham to Reach Out and Make Friends With Republicans.

Concerned Citizens of Chatham:
So my strategy to stop the dismantling of the 6th ward, by the Black Caucus is to reach out to the Republicans and hear their proposals. Since the Black Caucus is hell bent on saving a couple of slack alderman who may or may not support them in a tight vote( Remember Ike Corruthers). The rogue community groups on the western end have probably already reached out to the Hispanic Caucus. Do we have a chose? Why won't the Black Caucus sacrifice a couple of districts and move on. Frankly, if the person is someone who should be an Alderman their constituents irregardless of race will support them. Alderman Walter Burnett and former Alderman Thomas Murphy proved my point. Maybe after the Black Caucus sees the Republicans are interested, maybe they will come to their senses.
Very interesting possibility. Worlee even admits Republicans in Chicago aren't particularly significant in fact there are none on the city council currently. Unless, they look at the numbers and see that the very southern edge of this ward has the vote numbers (as Ald. Sawyer has stated numerous times) perhaps they may pay attention.

Worlee even noted how upset Chesterfield, West Chesterfield, & Roseland Heights are about the remapping process:
So why is it a big issue in the 6th ward. The Black Caucus map moves the southern border from 99th street to 87th street and moves the western border from Green to Halsted. The residents on the southern end living in the Chesterfield, West Chesterfield and Roseland Heights are mad as hell and crying foul. They feel that the remap is retaliation by former Alderman Freddrenna Lyle for not supporting her in her reelection attempt. Lyle is the chief architect for the Black Caucus in the remap process. They do not like or want to live in the 9th ward because they feel that the cost of insurance will increase and home values may decrease. The alderman is Anthony Beale. Alderman Beale and State Senator Meeks are the kings with no kingdom and fought extremely hard during the last remap to have Chicago State University in the districts, they went as far as passing out materials to Chicago State students and faculty declaring themselves the new political representatives.
Let's continue to keep some tabs on this story!

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