Friday, December 16, 2011

Check out this crime alert from GCA

Got this in an Greater Chatham Alliance e-mail blast and certainly worth sharing, something to keep in mind:
84th S. Vernon Block

We were informed that a 14 year old granddaughter of one of our neighbors was attacked by an assailant(s) who jumped out of a parked car on Sunday evening, December 11th at approximately 6:15 PM.

They tackled her to the ground, took off her Timberland boots, and ran back to the parked car with boots in hand. The 14 year old, bruised teenager had to walk home without shoes.

As this block club president said: "Let's all be vigilant of our surroundings as we move through our neighborhood. And remember, if you see something, say something and blow your whistle."

In fact, she advises that neighbors may want to get whistles for their children and grandchildren to encourage them to blow it when approached by a stranger.

GCA doesn't know if this victim reported the crime to the police. We hope the teenager did so that police might have a description of the attackers and of their car.

All we know is this: don't let your guard down whether the weather is mild or the streets are bristling cold and filled with tons of snow.

This economy has set loose bloodless creatures like they are the "Walking Dead" that you just don't want to believe are walking our streets today.

At this time of the year, put the emphasis on watching out for your fellow man, woman or kid: be it children or teens walking home from school, the store or a party; do a wellness and hello check with your senior neighbors; and a watchful eye out for the neighbor who works, or is shopping or enjoying holiday festivities in the streets.

This season give this gift-- this very free gift-- your commitment to Chatham and your other 6th Ward neighbors.
JEEZ!!! Yesterday I was in the Loop and some guy who almost looked criminal complimented me on my shoes. I didn't trust the guy so I made sure I went the opposite direction he did. He just struck me as someone who probably would attempt to "jack" shoes from someone.

BTW I don't know of they still sell them, but CVS sells some cheap whistles that are still in my possession today. I rarely carry one on me these days, however, it's still good advice. That or getting some mace/pepper spray to ward off those up to no good.

Be vigilant out there ladies & gentlemen!

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