Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mayor steers clear of ugly battle over City Council remap - Chicago Sun-Times

You notice that our Mayor isn't interjecting himself into this remap. He's on record saying:
“If I’m required to do something, I will. But I don’t need to be the referee on that process when I have so much more work to do on behalf of the taxpayers,” the mayor said.

“Maybe you have a different memory in the campaign. ... I don’t remember the TV ads saying I hope to produce a map that represents the City Council.”

One day after an attorney representing the Black Caucus warned of a remap referendum and an even costlier federal lawsuit, Emanuel offered a more optimistic view.

“We’re in the beginning stages of a process that will work its way through and I have all the confidence that the parties will reach an agreement,” said Emanuel, who described himself as a “veteran” of Congressional mapping.
He is confident that the city council can agree on a map without the possibility of a costly federal lawsuit and a referendum on a new map. There is however a political aspect to keeping himself out of the remap controversy:
A mayoral confidante, who asked to remain anonymous, said Emanuel has been advised to stay “as far away as possible” from an ugly political process that threatens to divide the City Council along racial lines and leave just about everybody unhappy.

“This thing could end up in a lawsuit. People get deposed. The mayor doesn’t want to be involved in any of that crap,” the mayoral adviser said.

“He was a legislator. He knows it’s not a fun process. He doesn’t want to be in the middle of it.”
Makes sense to me Judge Lyle did say herself that this remap fight could only open the wounds from the bygone era of the "Council Wars" an era that was racially tinged back in the early to mid 1980s.

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