Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cameraphone activism....

The other day I was on my way downtown and I saw the sign for the 79th stop on the Red Line heavily marked on with graffiti. Immediately my cell phone came out for the purposes of sending a photograph to my own personal twitter account and then made sure my tweet mentioned CTA (@cta). I got response back from CTA saying that they will get this to the sign people hopefully to clean it up.

When I tweet most the time I complain about people who are all on the cell phone and they're just loud. They have no sense of where they are and little sense of their own privacy.

But then cell phones are useful too. Perhaps you have an emergency and not just to touch bases with your friends every 5 seconds.

In my case I often use my cellphone to take picture although it was never replace a regular everyday camera. If we see something we don't like then all one has to do is snap a shot. That's my thing often enough on our FB page. A boarded up building, a tipped over bench, a pothole, standing water near a curb, etc.

If you all have a cellphone that has the ability to take pictures, you should use it. There are things that need fixing in our communities. Then be sure you send it to the authorities. For example see a station in disrepair such as the example I provided use that phone and either tweet CTA about it or post it on their FB page.

Also of course you can also send photos to the Alderman's office. Ald. Sawyer's office already encourages it in addition to reporting the issue to 311. They must know there's an issue that must be addressed in our neighborhoods. This doesn't just go for the Alderman of the 6th Ward but other wards especially our general area where I'm pretty sure most of us have cameraphones and the ability to transmit pictures.

Of course as always you can send your pics of issues that should be addressed to our blog. Send them to our email blog @ thesixthward . us, post them on our FB page, or even send us a tweet with a photo attachment @thesixthward

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