Friday, March 23, 2012

Emanuel says community must join fight against gangs

The Chicago Tribune reports that Mayor Emanuel was in our neighborhood today.

Check out the story here:
Emanuel says community must join fight against gangs

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  1. Another politician goes to a Black church and says what he thinks the Black masses want to hear.


    What should be done?

    ARMED law-abiding citizens should stand up to the criminals terrorizing the communities!

    Of course, I have to bring up the Martin/Zimmerman story for the EMOTIONALLY SENSITIVE READER.

    Let me be clear:
    What Zimmerman did was SO WRONG on so many levels. However, we CANNOT take this isolated tragedy and make this the norm in pertaining to the fear of law-abiding citizens as vigilantes. He needs to be brought to justice, just like anyone else who commits a crime. Period!

    One of my greatest fears is starting to come true. Since so many lame, stupid excuses are made to justify the actions of Black criminals, the perception now is that we are ALL criminals. This will lead to innocent Black people being attacked because of this unfortunate perception.

    Stop making excuses for Black criminals.
    Punish Black criminals to the fullest extent.
    Make it known publicly that law-abiding Black people will not support criminals.
    Hold politicians accountable who either support criminal activities or who have criminals around them.

    Getting back to the Mayor:

    In the article, he didn't give any relevant statements. Like all politicians at Black churches, he spoke but said nothing. No real, practical details about solving the crime problem. Is he ready to provide the same or better law enforcement protection to the middle class residents of Chatham as he does for the residents of Lincoln Park?

    He has no business telling the Black community to get more involved with fighting crime, when the same Black community has no substantial police protection and is totally defenseless against the retribution of the criminals.

    Common Sense, People, but I know this is no longer "common".

    And why are you Black folks even listening him. He has shown no interest in the well-being of decent, law-abiding Black middle class Chicagoans. To him, we are all the same. Englewood or Chatham? There's a huge difference between these communities, but there's no difference in his mind?

    Unfortunately, in this recent election with the low voter turnout, if you had actually voted in larger numbers, the Mayor might have taken your concerns more seriously. However, you didn't vote, and the same do-nothing politicians retained their power. Why should the Mayor care about you, now?


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