Friday, March 16, 2012

Flyer and audio Sixth Ward Democratic Committeeman race...

This flyer is for Sixth Ward Alderman Roderick Sawyer who is running for Democratic Committeeman against Richard Wooten. Wooten is also running for 34th District State Representative. They also ran against each other last year against then Alderman Freddrenna Lyle. Wooten came in third in the February election and Sawyer defeated Lyle in the runoff last April.

Wooten and Sawyer appeared on CLTV's Politics Tonight earlier this month and Paul Lisnek noted that many hoped for a rematch between Sawyer and Lyle. Lyle became a Cook County Judge and it must also be noted that Ald. Sawyer is now the Sixth Ward Democratic Committeeman. So that sets us up for a race between former the former opponents for Alderman.

Another item to add about the committeeman's race, I had received an audio file from the Wooten campaign. Click the embedded player below or click the link in the brackets [AUDIO]


Basically this audio was of a call directed towards the residents of Roseland Heights, West Chesterfield, and Chesterfield. This audio is a hit on Sawyer based upon the ward remap which will see those communities sent to the 9th Ward. In fact it was emphatic that those neighborhoods will be sent into the mess that is Ald. Anthony Beale's 9th Ward.

That was some pretty tough audio from the Wooten camp, but I can only let you decide if this ad makes sense to you. Would this audio influence your vote for 6th Ward Committeeman?


  1. What the hell does that have to do with the ward committeeman's race? If Wooten wants to run for alderman, the race is coming up in 2015!

    1. IRATE IN THE 6TH WARD!March 16, 2012 at 5:58 PM

      Okay, Worlee, in all likelihood we know this comes from you!

    2. IRATE IN THE 6TH WARD!March 16, 2012 at 6:10 PM

      Let me clarify my remark. I meant my observation pertains to who made the
      "Anonymous" remark. Sounds like Worlee. what the hell does this have to do
      with the ward committeeman's race? Quite a lot! But I guess I have to add this:
      so Sawyer will continue his efforts to restore the 6th Ward? Right! After
      he let others like Brookins chop us up! Sorry, Sawyer lost my vote of

  2. Worlee, doesn't answer anonymous. I stand up and say what I will say. Frankly, I'm disappointed in Wooten for letting a DA talk him into doing this and the state representative attack ad that blew up my phones. They were childish and hateful. Haters only make you better. If the man is getting lobbying jobs with large organizations it says to me he is a damn good attorney. These ads do not represent Wooten well as it paints him as someone who is desperate. Finally, I see that its softball season.

    1. IRATE IN THE 6TH WARD!March 17, 2012 at 8:07 AM

      In respect to Elgie Sims. Worlee, so you think lobbying for People's Gas, the only
      utility in the country that reports to credit firms if you don't pay your gas bill on time
      is a good company to lobby for?

      Who do you think mostly doesn't pay their gas bills on time for being strapped for
      cash? MINORITIES and SENIORS! FACT!!

      Then there is Cash N' Go. Google or Yahoo Cash N' Go for complaints.

      They are notorious predators on minorities. They feed off of jacked up interest rates
      that most folks in need of cash don't realize. Simply because they don't read carefully
      the small print. So you think lobbying for them is good lawyering as a African-
      American man and lawyer. Please!

      If telling facts are desperate than all of the other candidates who are running
      against Elgie Sims made mention on WVON of Sims being a lobbyist.

      So they are desperate too! When are we ever going to break the cycle of the
      good ole black boy and girl black politicians who become richer after getting
      elected with multiple pensions. And also hook up their friends for contracts.

      Blacks need to try some new people. Be it Wooten or whoever!

      Boy, the whooshing noise for all of that suck up action is getting louder,

    2. IRATE IN THE 6TH WARD!March 17, 2012 at 8:31 AM

      Oops––I meant CHECK N' GO not Cash N' Go. Though it's more like
      Cash N' Go get ripped off!

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  4. Well, the bottom line is the 34th District which is larger than Chatham and larger than the 6th ward will decide on Tuesday. We will see what they think. It's rather interesting that you come out and comment at the same time the attack robo calls come out. Hmmm, its's softball season.

  5. IRATE IN THE 6TH WARD!March 17, 2012 at 10:04 AM

    Well, I got one! I am a registered voter! So what! And I also got Elgie Sims
    literature with Mayor Rahm Emanuel smiling on the front. As a matter
    of fact, I got about 10 to 12 pieces of Sims literature. Overkill! I don't
    see you talking about that, Worlee!

    I'm a school teacher nearing retirement and right now we are under assault
    by the mayor's office. As a UNION PERSON, I don't feel comfortable with
    the fact that Elgie aligns himself with the mayor. So that is supposed
    to make me feel that the mayor knows best. Who is the mayor––my

    The mayor is circling union folks like the U.S. Calvary picked off the
    Indians. Does it mean that it is more important to Sims to be a part
    of the same old, same old boys clubs with all of the multiple pensions?

    And then retiring and getting more contracts later?

    We all want along to support the President with Rahm Emanuel. But
    since most blacks have union jobs in the 6th Ward, it is now time
    for an independent representation to protect our interests!

    Really, did Connie Howard do a lot for us? I never saw the woman
    until voting season when she was in office. So because she
    endorses Sim that should mean something?

    People in the 6th Ward need to wake up and pick people outside
    of that good ole boy and girl circle. Sandra, Richard, Paul, even
    the white boy. We need someone NEW! We need to know someone
    cares about US and what we want!

    I'm tired of the status quo people. Like Occupy Wall Street, wake
    up and think for yourself!

  6. Ok, lets talk about the literature. Now you see where your union dues are going. Does't it look familiar? Looks like the same company your fellow union members from the SEIU used in the Aldermandic election. You have problems with him because he has an endorsement by Rahm. What about the AFL-CIO, CTU, and Federation of Teachers endorsements? Are they wrong too? The Fraternal Order of Police endorsement? What is that saying.

    Beating up on Connie Howard who has had serious health issues. Really. Now Kyle Kasperek is an insider?

    My bottom line is Wooten is a great guy, a great police officer. After the election irregardless of the outcome I still plan to honor my commitment to help him with a youth project. The attack robo calls just were not a good look.

  7. IRATE IN THE 6TH WARD!March 18, 2012 at 9:00 AM

    Look real close at what you see on Elgie's Rham Emanuel card. First of all, SANDRA WORTHAM got the REAL MAIN UNION POLICE approval. Sims got Lodge NO. 7 of the Fraternal Order Of Police because his marketing people threw that on the card to obscure the TRUE POLICE UNION ENDORSEMENT!

    And oh yes, he does have a marketing strategy crew! You know that by all of the money he has raised. Just go to the State of Illinois and type his name in for candidate donations–-public access is a wonderful thing these days.

    All of his many direct mailings ought to tell you that too! Sort of looks like the same people Freddrenna Lyle used in her last election when she slung out her direct mail at voters.

    The rest of those UNION approvals come from former IL State Senator EMIL JONES bearing pressure on those unions for the things he did for them when he was in office. It's called "calling in favors". JONES, Sims' mentor, WAS and IS–– STILL–– A MAJOR PLAYER INSIDER.

    But if you had access to the mouths of local, black teachers today, you would know WE AREN'T FEELING Rahm Emanuel. We are DISGUSTED with him!

    Do we really think the IL Planned Parenthood has an impact on voting? Unless you are voting for birth control access and abortion rights when they are the "hot ticket" election issues, it might matter. I am aware of those issues being "hot ticket" election issues in the South right now. But not in Illinois!


    1. IRATE IN THE 6TH WARD!March 18, 2012 at 9:02 AM

      PART TWO

      My friend, CONNIE HOWARD, before she became ill, was a NO SHOW in my area of Chatham FOREVER! Maybe you saw her coming out talking to block clubs, walking the streets and coming to ALL OF the Community Groups that are in the 6th Ward asking for our input––and her office was in the 6th Ward. Well, I didn't see her hardly ever! And I attended a few groups long before her illness was so prevalent to know that to be true.

      It's clear from visiting your Concerned Citizen's blog that you are basically for Elgie Sims, no matter how you try to hide it.

      I recall when you were for LYLE, Worlee; then you switched over to Sawyer's camp. You seem fickle to me with your need for the latest political INSIDER flavor. Do you think they will love you more when you defend them?

      You clearly want to be an INSIDER to me! You do not like WOOTEN or GREGOIRE and that's clear! Maybe you have law enforcement issues. You didn't put them on your next tier of discussion like you did SANDRA and the white candidate in terms of relevance for making an impact in this state race as indicated in your recent blog.

      If you were more of a fair blogger like the 6th Ward Blog, you would showcase everything that all of the candidates are doing. Then you would discuss what you feel about what they say and what you don't feel they are saying in TERMS OF THEIR POSITIONS ON ISSUES that impact us. Plus, ask other folks to join in. Our elections in Illinois aren't beauty contests.

      But they have been in the past a pre-coronation in Chicago and Illinois politics! The powers-to-be rubber stamp them and the voters stupidly go along with it instead of determining who really will protect our interests.

    2. IRATE IN THE 6TH WARD!March 18, 2012 at 9:05 AM

      PART THREE: Frankly, Sandra is starting to surge among women voters in Chatham from listening to women friends. But I'm not sure from listening to her at the forums if she has a strong enough handle on the current issues being faced downstate. To me, she has enormous potential as a local ALDERMAN candidate! And who knows, maybe she's just using this opportunity for name branding right now! The next Alderman race is just a year and a half for kick off. That's a very short time as we breeze through what looks like a grand summer coming up!

      And by the way, BET ON IT, President OBAMA and the DEMOCRATIC PACS will be slewing a lot of ATTACK ADS on whoever is running as the REPUBLICAN Presidential candidate. You can bet on that! Why they will go after Santorium, if he wins, like dingo wild dogs who haven't ate in a month! What will you say then? That Obama can't point out what the REAL DEAL IS! Please!

      If you have been watching the political marketing today, you should know it's taken a change. Now candidates point out the weaknesses of candidate competitors regularly. It started with Reagan and has become even more acceptable in today's surging multi-media and social media landscape. It's called political marketing. In political circles, it's not called HATING!

      Elgie Sims is AN INSIDER! The rest of the other candidates running ARE NOT!

      I never said in my last post that Kasperek is an insider. You need to read what I write a little slower.

      We all know most of the black voters are not going to support Kasperek! But he is from the suburbs and they are part of the 34th district. I saw at the GCA Forum some suburban, black folks who came in with Kasperek. I don't know if they were on his payroll or not. But I know when he walked through my neighborhood, last week, in Chatham, asking for votes, some of them were with him. His camp clearly indicated they did the homework on finding out the significance of Sims being a lobbyist. At least that's what they said. So Kasperek is a hater for pointing out what is true?

      Oh and by the way, Sims has not come through my neighborhood and he lives several blocks away from me. Could it be that he has taken this race for granted?

      Sawyer wasn't an insider to begin with. LYLE was! Now Sawyer is in a photo with Sims. Sawyer wanted to get along with the other black alderman in the Black Caucus at the expense of not leading the 6th Ward to stay intact. But even you know that many of the white Alderman did fight back when they felt threatened. And some of them, by leading large groups of their constituents, kept their wards more intact than our ward. SAWYER is now officially a WANNABE INSIDER!

      Maybe your version and my version of what is a POLITICAL INSIDER are different. I am a history teacher with a Masters in Political Science. I know of what I talk about. Do you? You want to be the hellified blogger Worlee? Brush up on today's political tactics!

  8. Guess I don't need to vote because you apparently have cast my ballot for me. I am a hellified blogger. that is why you follow what I write.

    All this other hullabaloo is nothing but talk. Who what why endorsements were make means what? It is what it is.

    I'm not going backwards with you over an election that is long over. Go take your Masters degree and attempt to blow smoke up someone else's ass who gives a damn.

    This bullshit might have worked on that other blog but shilling doesn't play well here.

  9. IRATE IN THE 6TH WARD!March 18, 2012 at 10:02 PM

    Mr. Worlee, your are the king of WANNABE B.S. people. I am too respectful of other people to use foul language.
    And I can run circles around your WANNABE stuff any day. BRING IT! You're what they call Blogger Lite.

  10. COWARDS like you who sit in front of computers behind locked security doors and security systems do not scare me.

    I've called out your BS now go hide behind the rock you slid out from.


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