Thursday, March 22, 2012

Local School Councils need YOU as a candidate

Tomorrow is the NEW extended deadline for LSC elections. Thousands of slots remian open.
The map doesn't specify the need, but these include parent representatives (who can live anywhere in the city, as long as a child is a student), but also community representaives (who live within the school's immediate area. Contact the school for details). Community reps can include grandparents who do NOT have custody of a student in the school, but they need to live within the boundaries.

 In the 6th Ward, these include (according to the map):
  • Deneen
  • Dixon
  • Ashe
  • Neill
  • McDade (surprisingly!)
  • Gillespie
  • Harlan
  • Bennett
  • Lenart (also a surpise)
  • Westcott
  • IDOC/Healy HS (8007 S. Cottage Grove)
  • Harvard
  • Yale
  • Parker
  • Banneker
  • Robseson
  • Kershaw
  • Reed
  • Hinton
You may also run in OTHER schools, such as Ruggles or Burnside, but they have at least have enough candidates to fill open slots, but a CIVIL election with more options is preferred.  These elections do NOT have to be like our recent local elections. Not at all -- but rather ways for parents to see other motivated leaders they can choose from to help their school.

Click on the map on CPS's web site  to find your local/child's school.

The process is quick and you can even download your forms ahead of time.

Elections are April 18 and 19 (for elementary and hig schools, respectively.).

Election judges are also needed. This is a temporary paid position, and you are not tied geographically.

For any questions about this information , call the Office of Local School Council Relations at 773-553-1400

And let the blog know by comment or at blog (at) thesixthward (dot) us


  1. Why is McDade a surprise it's only on the next block south of 87th Street? It hasn't been taken out of the ward yet. It will be by 2015.

    Also Bennett is actually in the 9th Ward but it's branch school, Shedd, is in the 6th Ward.

    Hopefully someone out there wishes to heed the call to run for an LSC.

  2. McDade has lost board members because of political appointments. Carl Walker went to the bench Roderick Sawyer , Alderman,

  3. It's a surprise because these schools are literally in the top 2% in this state. And so, these type of schools should have MORE than enough candidates willing to step up. But according to the CPS map as of the original deadline, they did NOT have enough candidates to fill all of their LSC slots. The map doesn't say who's missing (i.e. is it a parent or community rep.?) But again, for these elite schools, it shouldn't be a struggle to find replacements for open slots.


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