Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Town Hall Meeting: End Violence in Englewood

Englewood is in crisis!  Whether it is Robeson, Harper, Shields, Simeon, Nicholson or even Hyde Park or Church’s Chicken, our children sit at the epicenter of some form of gang conflict that is beyond our understanding, and young lives are at risk daily.  We lost 60 souls in 2011, and the number is rising in 2012.
On Saturday, March 31, 2012, Imagine Englewood if, Teamwork Englewood and other community partners will host a very important Town Hall Meeting to plan anti-violence strategies.  Among those serving on a special panel are Shango Johnson, Violence Interrupter for CEASEFIRE, State Representative Esther Golar, Mark C. Walsh, Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, Syron Smith, National Block Club University, John Paul Jones, Community Organizer, Cordell Payne, Safety Net Works, and David Moore, former 17th Ward Aldermanic Candidate.
We appeal to youth, community leaders, pastors, elected officials, as well as residents to attend this meeting to create an Action Plan to combat violence in the Englewood community.  Reducing gun violence and violent crime must become a community-wide imperative.  Our strongest voices must form a united front committed to meaningful changes in public policy. We can’t afford to keep losing our children.
The event will be held at Imagine Englewood if730 W. 69th St., Chicago, IL, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  For further information, contact us at 773.488.6704; fax: 773.488.6705; email: jhill705@sbcglobal.netinfo@imagineenglewoodif.org.  Food and Refreshments will be served.
Yours in Peace.
Jean Carter-Hill, Co-founder and Executive Director,
Imagine Englewood if. . .!”
Advocate for Youth Empowerment & a Lead-free Englewood
Mission Statement
Imagine Englewood if’s… mission is to strengthen and empower the greater Englewood community through teaching local youth healthy living, lead awareness and positive communication skills. IEi… motivates youth and their families to seek a positive quality of life and encourages them to pursue positive change.

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  1. How did the event go on Saturday? Hope it made a difference.


    Community activists always come out to discuss the terrors in our communities, but NOTHING is ever achieved.

    and so on...

    I know what I'm about to say will upset some people, but the only way to end this violence is for citizens to deal with these punks on a PRIMAL level.

    Yes, I'm referring to Concealed Carry.

    For those of you against Concealed Carry, look at reality:
    Chicago is becoming the most violent city in the nation. If I'm not mistaken, we've surpassed L.A. as having the most in gang crimes. The homicide percentages of many U.S. cities aren't even on the same scale as Chicago. Why? It's not that hard to figure out. We are not allowed to protect ourselves with GUNS. If banning guns from law-abiding citizens worked, we would be the SAFEST city in the nation. Are we? No! So, those of you against Concealed Carry, DEAL WITH THE REALITY OF MY PREVIOUS STATEMENT!

    It is time to take off the silk panties, stop taking the Estrogen Pills, stop letting people protect these criminal monsters, stop listening to community organizations that earn a living based on the violence (like CeaseFire and others), and GET TOUGH!

    Of course, as boneheaded as this may sound (coming from me), posting this info is important, and I actually hope these community activists can achieve success with ending the violence. I'm not against them, because we need everyone to get involved. I just wish those same community activists would stop lobbying against my HUMAN right of self-protection.


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