Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Sawyer Metal Yard Press Release


  1. Thank you Ald. Sawyer for addressing this crime and proposing a solution that will actually solve the problem.

  2. This is not just something that is happening in the 6th Ward.

    These thefts occur in all 50 wards, and needs addressing on a city wide basis.

    My major issue is that this city has a economy based upon scrounging up anything from a garbage bin that could be sold for scrap value. I get tired of dodging the vast number of 'Junk Trucks' as the speed out of alleys in this city so overloaded it looks like they might tip over with a light breeze.

  3. The streets on Cottage from 79th to 76 th street has been torn up also on 77th Maryand ave. When are they going to cement the street it is tearing up tires on cars and front end alinment.

  4. The Avenue store is closing at Chatham Ridge on 87th Street. I was told yesterday that the store is under new ownership. They need feedback from residents (I sent them an email) and from the local government officials (our Alderman)on how this impacts economy in our community. When we took action about Marshalls, it's still in business in that area. I believe the same action applies her. African Americans spend billions of dollars especially in the retail business. These stores keep our residents employed and this includes parents and their children. It also keeps people that live outside our area coming to our area to shop. If stores like these are not there it causes a domino effect on the community. Please call me about this because I am willing to help further regarding this matter.

  5. Anon 10:02 AM,

    We can't call you about this if we neither know who you are or how to even contact you! ;)

  6. First Anon 1- The city has embarked on a "common sense" policy with street repairs. They no longer want to see streets repaved only to have the utility companies(Cm-ed, peoples gas, etc) come back 2-3 months later and tear them up so they are coordinating their efforts to be more efficient and save the tax payers money over the long run. So the bottom line is the project will stay unpaved until all necessary work is completed.

    Secondly Anon 2- As far as the Avenue closing its more of a function of the developer and the parent company. I'm quite sue they are going to say the cost of rent is the main reason they need to close along with declining sales. While sending letters sometime helps, the question is why aren't woman shopping at the store? If they do decide to leave I'm not overly concerned that a replacement equal or better will come since the retail environment has changed since Garrett's has moved in and been successful.


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