Monday, April 30, 2012

Newsalert: Rahm Emanuel Considers Closing 100 Chicago Public Schools

Speaking of the schools...

Rahm Emanuel Considers Closing 100 Chicago Public Schools via Newsalert!
A source with close ties to Chicago's public education establishment has confirmed that Rahm Emanuel may close 100 Chicago public schools. Along with the closures will come a vast expansion of charter schools. Emanuel has 150 half empty public schools that are a drain on tax dollars. With Chicago, having lost 200,000 people in the last Census: change is in the air....Can Rahm go to war with the teachers unions and win? Stay tuned.
Steve Bartin the blogmaster of Newsalert made sure to note that Mayor Emanuel will not make any such announcement in San Francisco.

Is anyone concerned this could affect many of our neigborhood schools?


  1. What Chicago Public Schools are listed to close? Why is so hard to find out this information? If this is for the best why letters were not sent home to parents/gaurdians, notfying thme of this. Most parents thought the Teacher Union strike was based on pay raises and steps eliminations.

  2. The Sun-Times had a map that suggested that Ruggles and Neil in the Park Manor and Chatham
    area might be closed. This was in a recent story from last weekend. It remains to be seen if this
    is certain. CPS and the mayor like to play games.


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