Bus Tracker lets teens in high-crime areas wait inside school - Chicago Sun-Times

This is deja vu of sorts as well we already knew that Harlan (GO FALCONS!)already provides this service to their students. In fact it was featured on the CTA program Connections it was posted onto this blog back in 2010. This article was published in the Sun-Times late last month!

Well let's be clear, the neighborhoods outside of Harlan - namely Roseland Heights where the school actually resides and West Chesterfield to the north - are hardly high crime neighborhoods. For the most part if there is crime during say dismissal or even when school convenes in the morning it comes from elsewhere for the most part. I wonder how many students from Harlan actually resides in either Roseland Heights and West Chesterfield or at the very least somewhere nearby.

I think the idea of school using Bus Tracker displays at school is a sound one because as stated in the article:
To Evans, there’s a simple logic: The less time students spend hanging out on the streets waiting for their buses, the less likely they are to be the victims of crime or get into trouble. Now, students can stay inside and step outside just in time to catch the bus.
Still that being said this is something that should be of concern if you're about going home and getting some homework done then you do want to be sure to know when your bus will arrive near the high school so that you can be on your way. And let's hope there are no incidents near the 95th terminal as well.

BTW you want to see that episode of Connections? It's posted below [VIDEO]

ALSO there is another idea here that should be explored much later


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