Saturday, May 5, 2012

The old Wendy's and the store next door...

I took this shot near 95th & King Drive this past Thursday. Wendy's has been closed for about a month already the establishment boarded up and Wendy's sign removed. What would you like to see here to replace them?

BTW, this is old news that was noted on our FB page last month. A reader chimed in that the owners of this franchise sold the business and moved on.

ALSO at the time I took this picture a group of young people were loitering just outside of the store next door to the former Wendy's. The store formerly was home very briefly to a Quench Fresh Family Foods store. There was a big group no more than 10 young people standing outside. I know that a lot of people are at odds with this store, but to their credit someone came out to shoo the loiterers away from their door. They didn't move along right away but eventually they did.

I did attempt to get a shot of the loitering but hey can't always get the perfect shot. I took a shot of some young loiterers at a gas station near the 95th Street terminal on Tuesday. When it's dismissal time -with Harlan and Gillespie nearby - there is normally a police car present however on this day there wasn't.

It makes you wonder what's the appeal of just standing around near a place of business with no intention of doing any business?

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