Friday, May 25, 2012

RE: Bus Tracker lets teens in high-crime areas wait inside school

To read the clipping to the left you must click the image for a larger resolution!

The clipping from the Roseland Heights Newsletter shows some of what happened at last month's Roseland Heights Community Association meeting. It mainly shows the dissatisfaction of last month's article with regards to the CTA Bus Tracker program (a $7000 pilot program) being utilized at Harlan Community Academy. The article in question was posted last Sunday.

First they want to make it clear at Roseland Heights that Harlan wasn't chosen for the program not because it resides in a high crime area, but that it has a high percentage of students who take public transportation. Indeed this clipping concludes with the idea that the bus tracker protects Roseland Heights residents. The students are relatively safe in that neighborhood, however, as stated a few times here if there are criminal issues they're usually confined at the 95th Street red line terminal.

While I can believe that sometimes the Harlan students may be engaged in criminal activities let's not forget - as it's often been stated at Harlan LSC meetings - that students from other area high schools come through 95th Street as well. We hear about how certain other area schools seems to carry on with students from Harlan enough where there is concern about where Harlan students should be able to attend summer school.

Secondly, Roseland Heights wants to be identified correctly. The surround neighborhood doesn't want to be called Roseland. Technically, the neighborhood is located within the Roseland community area but that's not the name residents refer to the neighborhood. Using the name Roseland, no one will have a good perception about this area as well Roseland isn't known as a very safe area. All one has to do is just drive south on Michigan Ave past the Bishop Ford (Calumet) Expressway to see how it changes!

In any event you can see what information is contained within the May 2012 issue of the Roseland Heights Community Voice embedded below.

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