Monday, June 4, 2012

Red Line will be shut down for 5 months in 2013!

When i first saw the headline in Everyblock, i thought this was a joke, like an Onion headline.

But this is true. The logic is that instead of 4 years of no sevrice on the weekends, they can do the work in 1/8 of the time if they shut down the line completely.

The plan is for this to happen in Spring of 2013.

Read the full story at the Chicago Tribune's Breaking News. The official press release form the CTA is here.

This situation can be a big pain in the butt, especially for us commuters, as well as tourism for the Chicago White Sox and the Museum of Science & Industry & University of Chicago.  But this can also be an opportunity.  If we can get a sense of where the heavy traffic routes will be, businesses can prepare to market appropriately.

In addition, this gives businesses (or potential businesses) about a a year and 1/2 to get funds together to set up businesses that could be ready to go once construction is done. For example, there is a space for business at the 79th street El Station. It would be great if when the red line re-openedl, we had a coffee shop ready and waiting for us.

Another question is -- could work on the Red Line extension ALSO be done immediately following that reconstruction? That project supposed could take over a decade to get done...but if we could shave off a few years -- it could revitalize those communities.

Thanks to Denise Denson for posting this on Everyblock!

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