Sunday, July 1, 2012

The GCA forum yesterday made the news

[VIDEO] Well the Garry McCarthy forum hosted by GCA on Saturday made the news well sort of but then I figured it would with this piece of news:
Investigators were back on the block where 7-year-old Heaven Sutton was gunned down while selling candy.

Earlier, at a community forum in the Chatham neighborhood, Chicago's top cop announced a break in the case.

"(Friday) night at 11:00, we took into custody a person who we believe is responsible for that shooting," Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said.

If you're not familiar with Sutton's story here's one take:
Heaven Sutton's 7-year-old body crumpled to the ground on the eve of the summer's hottest day.

She was selling candy and snow cones on a West Side sidewalk when gunfire broke out and a stray bullet struck her in the back. Just like that, her name joined the growing list of this year's homicide victims in Chicago, and her image — wide-eyed and smiling — became the face of a street violence outbreak that city officials are struggling to contain.

Heaven was the fourth person killed in Austin in the past week and, according to a Tribune crime analysis, the 20th person under age 17 killed by gunfire in Chicago this year. Overall there have been more than 250 homicides, up nearly 40 percent from the same time last year.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, visibly angry, denounced the shooting Thursday at an unrelated news conference.

"It's not about crime. It's about values," the mayor said. "Where were you raised, and who raised you? Stay away from the kids."
Very awful indeed!

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  1. Unfortunately, GCA got mentioned by ABC,
    Channel 7 Reporter Evelyn Holmes directly
    and with a little more forum coverage in the
    5 p.m. news report on Saturday, June 30th.

    Since the Superintendent broke the announcement
    on the person who police believed killed Heaven
    Sutton, that story was the lead-in––as it should
    be and the forum was a part of a compilation.

    WGN news, Channel 2, the Reader and smaller
    community newspapers were there to cover the
    forum as well. We had a good community turn-

    In the future, GCA will have to remember to
    email and post the link on ABC news video as
    soon as they hit their website.

    It seems they don't keep the videos up for
    long like they use to if they continually update
    the story. It was our plan to email everyone on
    the GCA database, Monday July 2nd, with the

    A shout-out of thanks to all who attended
    the forum.


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