Monday, July 9, 2012

What going on with Congressman Jackson?

This has been an emerging story since it broke last month. Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. has been on medical leave from the US Congress since June 10, 2012 and it had been only recently publicized two weeks after that date. Still even more recently we learned that his condition was more serious than thought. Because of this recent revelation, there are a flurry of stories where even Ald. Sawyer commented:
Ald. Roderick Sawyer, 6th, whose ward includes a small part of the northwest corner of Jackson's 2nd Congressional District, said he was not worried that some of his constituents will be without House representation while Jackson is treated.

"Those of us around here will help out with constituent services," Sawyer said, adding that U.S. Reps. Bobby Rush and Danny Davis "will be very helpful in that regard."

Sawyer, who had no insight about Jackson's condition or whereabouts, said Jackson "needs to focus on getting well, concentrate on himself and his family, his wife and his children. Those are the important things now."

Also we see that NBC Chicago's Ward Room takes a look at the constituent response to this interesting story.
As the mystery over Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s whereabouts continues, some residents of his south suburban district are clearly getting restless.

"For the most part, we’re appalled," said Bishop Lance Davis of the New Zion Christian Fellowship in Dolton. "We are totally clueless as to where he is, and we are equally clueless as to what we do now." 
"Who represents us?" Davis asked. "And if he has a personal issue, then let us hear about it. Let us know what it is. We at least deserve that."

The pastor said he once counted himself as a Jackson supporter, but now believes he should step down.

"We’ve had little or no representation for two decades," he said, noting that Jackson’s district includes some of America’s poorest communities. "If they ever needed a representative to have their ear to the ground politically in D.C., they need it now."
That is just one flavor of what you would find over there right now!

Also the senior US Senator Dick Durbin even got into this act:
“As a public official, there comes a point when you have a responsibility to tell the public what’s going on,” Durbin said at an event in the city. “If there is some medical necessity for him not to say more at this moment then I will defer to that. But he will have to soon make a report on what he’s struggling with.”
Also Rich Miller of the Capitol Fax even opined after referring to the latest press release from the Congressman's camp as bizarre:
It looks to me that his staff has been kept in the dark as well. 
I hope all is well with Congressman Jackson. Hopefully whatever is taking his toll on him will be treated and he can be back on the job in the near future. Also his constituents must know what's going on with their representative. 

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