Monday, August 13, 2012

Concerned Citizens of Chatham: Will EZ Pawn Find 8th Ward Residents EZ

Worlee had these comments with regards to the possibility that EZ Pawn may want to find their way back to this part of town:
The 8th ward is represented by Michelle Harris, who is the president pro-tem of the city council. The 8th ward is also the home of the deposed Stroger regime that has recently seen several top lieutenants indicted on corruption charges. The City of Chicago requires the following :post a $1,000 bond with the city, pass a background check, fork over a $1,200 annual fee, and make sure you're located in a building with high-intensity retail zoning. EZ Pawn is feeling pretty good about themselves as the Pawn industry has recruited political insiders from the Hispanic Democratic Organization to grease the way through the city licensing maze. Also, EZ Pawn and competitors have proliferated in Logan Square( Logan Square went from zero to six in a matter of 2 years. EZ Pawn currently has 7 locations in the City of Chicago, primarily in Hispanic and African American communities.

 While some will argue that pawn shops are innocent businesses, there is a report from a University of Chicago professor that shows emperical data that crime increases as pawn shops increase in a community . What do you think? Well, we will find out what 8th ward residents think on Thursday, August 16,2012 at Alderman Harris's community meeting.


  1. Kudos to Worlee Glover for providing more info on EZPAWN for Chatham and 6th Ward residents.

    The Greater Chatham Alliance has notified residents on their email database (around 700) of the consequences of allowing this group to get a foothold in Chatham and our ward.

    It seems that Alderman Michelle Harris is having her 8th ward meeting, this Thursday, to discuss the PROS of letting EZPAWN locate at 8515 S. Cottage Grove. (See the earlier 6th Ward Blog posting for time and location).

    The flyer sent to GCA to blast, via email, was actually done by an anonymous resident. This person obviously wanted to alert 6th Ward and 8th Ward residents to the situation. It was not put out by Harris. We have a confirmation on that fact.

    Moreover, the speculation is this: the FREE BUS is for RESIDENTS WHO WANT EZPAWN. It's not for people who DON'T WANT that business in our area! Only Harris can dispel whether this is incorrect at her meeting tomorrow on Thursday evening.

    Really understand this: there is big corporate money behind this company and they ain't playing! They want to get into our area badly! 

    This was a well thought out strategy: how many homes are in the 250 feet radius where the pawn shop would be located on Cottage Grove? Very few!  Chatham Village is our real 6th Ward vanguard, in addition to the senior home and maybe–– St.Mark Church could squawk! You have a legal right at 250 feet to object to a business near your block!

    If we don't go to that ZONING MEETING, then Chatham residents can't cry when crime gets even crazier around our homes. We should go whether we are in the 250 feet radius–- or not–– to pitch a HIGHLY ANGRY FIT! Why doesn't EZPAWN put their business in the West Loop, South Loop or LIncoln Park areas? Simply because those communities would SCREAM BLOODY MURDER! We can't let them destroy what's left of our middle-class community.

    FRIDAY, August 17th, 2:00 p.m.–––121 N. LaSalle, Room 200––Call 312.744.5822 if you get there and the room has magically been changed!

  2. 6th Ward Residents: Don't let EZ Pawn's potential move into the 8th Ward stop you from protesting!

    It's so obvious that EZ Pawn and the utterly corrupt 8th Ward Alderman Michelle Harris want access to the 6th Ward by placing it on the border at (supposedly) 85th Cottage Grove.


    1) Does Harris has this sociopathic need to further destroy the last remnants of the independent minded, self-sufficient Black Middle Class in Chicago's 6th Ward?

    2) Does Alderman Harris have this voracious need to further emasculate the already emasculated 6th Ward Alderman Roderick Sawyer (in terms of losing communities and business districts)?

    3) Is the Mayor commanding Harris to attack any independent politician or independent community who does not comply with Chicago corruption?

    4) Could it be that both Harris and EZ Pawn know that items stolen in the 6th Ward will keep this business, IN BUSINESS, which will put money in the hands of both of them?

    I say, all of them!
    But reason 4 is the scariest!

    And don't expect the mainstream Black Media to address this issue. Give them money (through ads or sponsorships), and they will ALWAYS turn a blind eye!


    GOOD JOB, Worlee! I commend him on his EZ Pawn research. If any of you can make it to the meeting on Friday, 8-17-12, then go!


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