Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Englewood: The Growing Pains In Chicago"

[VIDEO] Worlee posted onto our FB page about another film which just so happens to be a documentary about one of our local elementary schools entitled The Curators of Dixon School. Information for which I just so happened to post about at one of my other blogs.

Anyway, the Dixon School documentary and this film set in the Englewood neighborhood is to be featured at the 18th annual Black Harvest Film Festival to be held through the month of August at the Art Institute's Gene Siskel Film Center located at 164 N. State Street (click this link on how to get there). Here's more info on this film:

2012, William L. Cochran, USA, 94 min.
With David Cowan, William L. Cochran

The urgency of BOYZ N THE HOOD gets updated to the 2000s and transplanted to the Chicago neighborhood of Englewood in William L. Cochran’s powerful directing debut. Cochran boldly blends humor, romance, tragedy, and hope in this tale of three friends struggling to get through their last year of high school amid street violence, peer pressure, and family dysfunction. Cochran himself tackles the main role of Dennis, whose antisocial behavior conceals a talented poet. His new girlfriend Toya can see through his thug exterior, but her encouragement might not be enough to steer him past disaster. Digital video. (MR)

Director William L. Cochran will be present for audience discussion at both screenings.
This film will be shown at the Siskel Film Center on August 17th at 8:30 PM and August 23rd at 8:15 PM. Refer to the Black Harvest page for more information on the other films to be shown there during the film festival.

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