Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is there a move to replace Jesse Jacskon Jr.? Maybe or maybe not...

A New York Post article I found via The Ward Room:
The Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. wants his youngest son to succeed his oldest son in Congress, family sources told The Post.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has been recovering from depression at an inpatient facility since June 10 — and if he isn’t up to running for reelection in November, the elder Jackson is laying the groundwork for son, Jonathan, 46, to run, sources said.

Jesse Sr., the civil-rights leader and former Democratic presidential candidate, has also taken control of Jesse Jr.’s congressional office, managing media inquiries about the congressman’s health, the sources said.

“The Reverend and Mrs. Jackson have an agenda that may not be Jesse Jr.’s . . . return to Congress,” one source speculated.

“The reverend is getting older and less and less relevant and he wants his legacy to live on in his son Jonathan. He doesn’t control Jesse Jr., who’s very much his own guy. He thinks he’ll have more weight with Jonathan in the position.”
The very same post at Ward Room noted in an update:
Update: Congressman Jackson's spokesman Rick Bryant called the Ward Room this morning and tells us everything in the New York Post story is categorically false.

Reverend Jesse Jackson said: “It’s such a total fabrication ...
“He’s under sound medical treatment ; he is responding.”
Guess what? I found more at The Grio:
Speaking to theGrio on Wednesday, the Jackson camp put on a full-court defense, calling the story “false,” “absurd” and “a fabrication.”

“The story in the Post is false,” the congressman’s chief of staff, Rick Bryant, told theGrio. “Congressman Jackson is running for re-election. He won a primary. He is gearing up to run. All of his supporters are still behind him 100 percent.” Bryant also pushed back against the Post’s sources, who claim Rev. Jackson is essentially running his son’s congressional office.

“They’re so off base, I don’t know where to begin,” Bryant said. “Reverend Jackson has not taken over [Jackson, Jr.'s] office, he’s not managing our media. He has nothing whatsoever to do with running our office. The whole thing is totally absurd.”

Regarding the Post, he added: “I have no idea who their sources are, but they are totally unreliable [and] misinformed.”
You know, there's a lot more mystery here that probably won't be seen in the press.

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