Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More on using eminent domain on foreclosures...

Steve Bartin of Newsalert writes this recent piece over - entitled "New Chicago Machine Scam In the Works: Eminent Domain Seizure of ‘Underwater’ Mortgages" at New Geography, with regards to using eminent domain on foreclosures:
If this passes, the potential for corruption will be unlimited in Chicago. Alderman Burke controls Chicago’s tax code. But, the conflicts are even more pronounced. Alderman Burke slates all the judges in Cook County which means a Burke-slated judge will hear the property seizure case. Even that’s not all; Alderman Burke's day job is running a property tax appeals tax firm. Being a client of Alderman Burke’s probably will be a good way to avoid a ‘takings’. Expecting a fair appeal, in court, on the seizure? Alderman Burke’s wife, Anne, is a justice on the Illinois Supreme Court. Expecting help from the Illinois state legislature to clamp down on Alderman Burke’s conflicted lifestyle? Alderman Burke’s brother, Daniel, is Assistant Majority Leader of the Illinois General Assembly.
Calling Black Talk Tony!



  1. Wow! I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees potential corruption here.

    Do you think the writer of this article read my comments and put the pieces together? Or do we all have the same thoughts on this matter?

    Apparently, there's been a report that the Mayor will not support this program (if not correct, let me know). It's probably because in an election year, this is a politically TOXIC subject. After the election, let's see if the Mayor is still against it.

    I fear Burke may attempt to push it through the City Council. As long as we have Black Aldermen who get their kickbacks in crumbs, anything is possible.

    Two City BOSSES with two different views. This could confuse our Black Aldermen.
    "Which Massa duweez obey?"
    I'm so saddened and disgusted in our Black elected officials!

    We can only hope this program never happens. Too RIPE for Corruption.

    If I'm wrong on this matter, let me know.

    1. I am disgusted and done with our black politicians. They accept crumbs and are always caught getting back crumbs. Instead of controlling Chicago from the top down we control it from the bottom up. Blacks overwhelmingly work for the city or state or federal government, have held jobs for 20 years plus, that alone is power. Yet look at positions of leadership in the city, it is void of strong individuals. Is that people were killed for when it came to voting rights?


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