Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Freshmart Foods Petition: Let's Stay Focused

First, I would like to thank all who have signed the online petition to stop the issuance of a liquor license at 8255 S King drive/400 E 83rd Chicago, IL 60619. We are a few signature shy of our goal. so please let your friends and neighbors know about the petition.

I had a conversation today that a rumor was being circulated that Alderman Roderick Sawyer was in support of a liquor license. Let's set the rumor straight, the answer is NO and he has publicly stated that several times as well as my original post stated he was opposed to granting any liquor licenses along 83rd street.

The reason for the petition is I can backup the noise I make and by starting an online petition is my way of showing it. Neighbors, lets not get sidetracked or "pimped". This situation is a result of some of our neighbors initial support of this store despite the noise of many who said it was a bad idea. Now that they are scared that they are going to be exposed they want to distract you from the issue.

The fact is the owner of the store can still apply for a license from the City of Chicago liquor commission despite being told he has no support from Alderman Sawyer. The owner of the store has been circulating a petition of his own and alleges that his customers, who are residents, want a liquor store. If we allow non elected political pimps to divide us and he somehow gets in front of the liquor commission he can make a case. If we stand strong and work together, despite our differences, he doesn't have a snow ball chance to get a license.

The bottom line is what do you want? A liquor store or a stable community? It's time to step up Chatham.

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