Saturday, September 29, 2012

N'DIGO: Come Alive With Mr. Ed Gardner, Sunday at 3 on 95th and Western

On the various e-mail lists that I'm part of, many of you should already know about this. Earlier this week Soft Sheen and Black on Black Love founder Ed Gardner led a protest at construction projects in the Bevely neighborhood and in Evergreen Park. It was over how Blacks aren't getting the jobs at some of these construction projects here on the South Side. N'Digo gives us a heads up on another protest at 95th & Western tomorrow:
This is serious in Chicago. Mr. Gardner is now asking 10,000 to join him after church, this Sunday. He’s asking the who’s who in Chicago like Lerone Bennett, the historian and the former Chicago School Superintendent, Manford Byrd. On Sunday, Mr. Gardner has invited 10,000 people to join him at 95th and Western at 3p.m after church to march and demand equality for jobs. The old guard has taken the lead on a Sunday afternoon march.

This is an upset in Chicago for Mayor Emanuel and should not be taken lightly. The Black agenda has vanished. It’s a damn shame, Mr. Gardner at 87 on a cane, has taken to the streets.

But since he has reached his insult level, and the larger community didn’t, let’s join him. Perhaps, a movement has begun 2012 style. Is this the Black Occupy?
I'm very curious about YOUR thoughts once again. Do you agree with Mr. Gardner's protests? Do you think there is more we can do to insure that Blacks can get jobs on various construction projects throughout the south side? Will you attend the protest tomorrow afternoon?


  1. While the cause celebre is most unfortunate, I am pleased to know that even the "celebrities" are not immune to what others of us regularly experience. Good for Gardner! BTW, where are the Kings?

  2. This disgusts me - go into any business along 95th Street and up and down Western and the MAJORITY of the employees are black. Stop whining and maybe put out better bids and the sites would have hired back construction companies. Stop the sense of entitlement that this administration is pushing down the throats of America.

  3. Excellent point on bid quality. However, does bid quality trump favortism, informal relationships, corruption, etc.? Any daily review of local or state media reveals that such deals are sometimes sullied. If the bid process can stand impartial review and no wrongdoing is found, then great. I am not so quick to accuse someone of "whining," especially given the WELL-documented history of corporate racism in Illinois. The construction industry seems chief among culprits.

    1. This project is not in Chicago, it is in Evergreen Park.

    2. The curb repair and streetscape portion is on 95th street leading up to Western Ave. Mr. Gardner has also questioned the work at 92nd Western that is on a county road and is subject to the same scrutiny whether Evergreen Park or Chicago Beverly.

    3. Again, Worlee - how many of these minority construction firms bid on these projects? It is a known fact that in Chicago and in the State of Illinois companies MUST hire a percentage of minority firms, whether they are qualified or not, and whether or not they place the lowest bid. Have you gone shopping along 95th Street? I'm sorry but I see mostly minority stores, and I see 99.9% minority workers. Where's the beef?

    4. I would love to see the bids on this work and see what really has gone on. Yes, I do go down west 95th from time to time and yes I find it odd that this work that has gone on all summer long is just now being questioned. Yes there are some stores that are owned by African Americans, but Panera, Vision Works, Chipotle, Potbelly's, etc and a number of other service businesses are not. For me it's been a no brainer since some of your neighbors told me on another social media site that "Easteners" such as mysef are not welcome. So I have made it a point not to shop in Beverly and shop in my neighborhood or in "Easterner" friendly neighborhoods.

    5. Did you stop and go into these stores? 99.9% of the employees (if not 100%) are black.

    6. I have in the past stopped into some the stores and NO all the employees are not African American. I've heard this story on Everyblock from Beverly residents who blame empty storefronts on the fact that African Americans shop there. But the real reason they are mad because they do not control the job flow at Evergreen Plaza, West 95th, Walmart and will not at the Menards/Meijer's.

  4. How convenient to blame the color of your skin on any trangressions that may become you. No wonder racism won't die. Perhaps, just perhaps it's the person and not the color of their skin that is the problem. If this is a legitimate problem, then good for you for using your freedom of speech to make it known. But it's been my experience more often than not that it's just to raise a ruckus for no legitimate reason. If you aren't getting a job most likely it's because someone else was more qualified than you. This happens to all races. Get over yourself!

  5. One other thing - why don't all of these minorities who are screaming that they aren't hired on this project band together and start rebuilding their neighborhoods?

  6. Maybe stop voting in the same lousy aldermen in your neighborhoods. Start running and voting for people who are going to do something for your neighborhoods, instead of same ol party affiliates who do nothing but line their own pockets. Maybe some of these contractors would like to run for office so they can work to get jobs in their own neighborhoods instead of crying about jobs that are going to other areas that are actually doing something for their citizens.

  7. Once again, Blacks need a Messiah to lead them. Black people always want to march when they are rallied by famous individuals. Can't we think for ourselves? Can the WWII and Baby Boomer generations get away from this continuous marching, and come into the 21st Century with more modern strategies?

    Maybe, we should un-elect one of our do-nothing politicians, and put Mr Gardner in that position.

    I'm not against this event. It is atrocious the way Blacks have been treated in the Construction industry. For all of you non-Black readers, this is an area that is rife with discrimination, specifically with contracts. And don't give me this "minority percentage is required, regardless of qualification" nonsense! It's not even properly enforced. In a population of nearly a million Blacks, are you telling me that there are not enough "qualified" Blacks in this population? Get Real!

    Of course, why are our Black elected officials not fighting on the behalf of their communities? Why does it take Mr Gardner to rally action?

    I'm also not against marching, as long as there are other practical strategies attached. However, there are real issues not being discussed:

    The Black Elite want their share of the pie, and they need you "peasants" to march for them. Of course, how much will they help the masses, once they get their share? All you have to do is look at our Black politicians, as an example.

    Black businesses do not do the right thing in terms of following the protocols on contract bidding. If Blacks do everything right and still face discrimination, only then is it justified to protest.

    Let's be honest:

    Too many Black people are bad with business. Everyone here has been to a business with Black workers and received the worst service imaginable. Is it the White Man's fault that Pookie and Sha-RaeRae give you an attitude because you demand proper service in exchange for the money you are about to spend? How about using Black contractors? We all know that many of them charge too much for their services, they do lousy work, and they give you attitude when you demand professionalism. And yet, what is the typical response to these statements? We say that other ethnicities are equally unprofessional. Wrong! Just another example of Black people making excuses.

    Too many Blacks don't even qualify for these jobs. Sorry, but if you can't pass a drug test, or your education level is way too low, then you are out of luck!

    I say this all the time:

    If we want our share of opportunities, we can't squander the opportunities when we get them. No exceptions. It's bad enough that we still have to deal with racial discrimination today, but when we continuously mess up, the discrimination is seen as justified by the discriminators.

    I repeat:
    It's bad enough that we still have to deal with racial discrimination today, but when we continuously mess up, the discrimination is seen as justified by the discriminators.

    Two last important points:

    If you want to achieve something significant, un-elect the people who do not serve your best interests. And most of them are BLACK!
    Diversify your votes, so that all politicians work for your support! Yes, that means to seek out Republican support, as well as Democrat support!


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