Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pimps: That What the 83rd Street Merchants Believe They Are

Several months ago I posted a report from a reliable source on Facebook, I was informed that the owners in Freshmart Foods at 400 E. 83rd were attempting to persuade the Alderman to support a liquor license for the location. A number of readers dismissed my report as a rant.

The rant is reality as it has been confirmed that the current owners have approached the Alderman about obtaining a liquor license at that location and the 83rd State street location. Per a conversation with Alderman Roderick T. Sawyer he represented that he has told the owners he opposes liquor at either site. Currently, there are a number of retail liquor establishments in and near Chatham

  1. Walmart- 83rd Stewart
  2. Rothchilds- 87th Evans
  3. Happy Liquors- 79th Cottage Grove
  4. Walgreens-87th Cottage Grove
  5. A&S Liquors- 75th Prairie
  6. Jewel's- 87th Lafayette
  7. Buddy's -87th Lafayette
  8. D&J- 79th Eberhart
  9. Aldi's 83rd Stewart 
There are also the superstores Kenwood and Binny's in nearby neighborhoods, so what could you want that can't be found at these stores?

The answer is nothing but the "$2 Holla" that causes loitering,panhandling and public drinking, etc. Some residents are under the impression that 83rd Street is dry and that is untrue. Several years ago, a notice was mailed to residents from King Drive to Eberhart stating that the areas zoning would be down zoned from mix use to residential. Unfortunately, residents were not informed that the zoning proposal was rescinded based on technical issues.

This type of disrespect has been running rampant on 83rd Street and the new business owners think they can pimp the residents of the community. While they have a few under their belt most of us can't be pimped. The owners of Honey Beauty Supply at 452 E. 83rd learned that it hard out there on a pimp when they attempted to convert their failing beauty supply into a variety store and ended up with a failing beauty supply and variety store. After they learned that people in this community do not buy from stores that hide their merchandise and most shop at grocery stores he packed up and moved on. Next 83rd street food mart 448 E. 83rd saw no problem selling outdated merchandise,loose cigarettes and tobacco products to minors. The owner was bold enough to tell Chicago Police personnel he was doing it and thought this was ok because the neighborhood where he came from allowed this. Now after paying numerous fines and almost getting his head blown off in a botched robbery he is slowly learning. He still thinks he will not get caught selling loose cigarettes and tobacco to minors.

Freshmart Foods has been the most arrogant of the bunch, the original owners thought they could stay open all night sell outdated products and disrespect customers, especially senior citizens, with accusations of shoplifting. They found a group of Chatham residents to buy into their nonsense. This group of residents were had, hoodwinked, and their imagination ran a muck believing that this store would hire individuals from the community. How these individuals bought this is unimaginable seeing that the building was build with non-union labor and no African american contractors. Other than offering a few individuals a lifetime supply of grape pop and hot chips they reneged on everything they said.  After they and their group of residents attempted to steam roll former Alderman Fredrenna Lyle into supporting a liquor license and failing miserably the store was sold.

Now, the new owners after investing money into a restaurant that only has business from the 1st-10th of the month,  and seeing competition eat at their convenience store business got the pimping bug and attempted to back door their way into a liquor license. They have been promising their customers that they would get one and now have the audacity to circulate a petition within their store seeking support.

The mayor has made a lot of noise about liquor stores but I'm not waiting on any support from City Hall. The zoning on that corner leaves a lot of questions and it is uncertain as to where the two churches and elementary school that are within 250 feet of this location stand on the issue.

I have been opposed to the store,restaurant and definitely a liquor license and will continue my silent boycott against the store. I refuse to spend my money at any store where I'm tolerated and not not appreciated and celebrated as a customer. I cannot and will not be pimped by Freshmart or any other store.

Where do you stand?

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