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What does Roseland Heights expect from the redevelopment of 95th terminal

Clevan Tucker sent this e-mail to the residents of Roseland Heights. He attended the September 11th meeting at Harlan High School (located at 9652 S. Michigan) about CTA's plan to redevelop the 95th terminal next year. What you read next is the text of his e-mail below. If you attended this meeting and the other meeting Wednesday night at Palmer Park (located at 201 E. 111th Street) feel free to share you thoughts about the project and those CTA meetings.

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The words below are Mr. Tucker's, the main message offered is we need to make some noise if we are to expect anything from this project.

Yesterday Harlan High School with the Chicago Transit Authority hosted an excellent community event. At this event information was shared and our input sought regarding the new CTA Terminal at 95th Street. Information was requested but the community gave little or no input.

CTA seeks your input on the new station and possible acquisition and use of land near the station.
What Do you want ? What we get in the black community is whatever they give us. When asked what we want, we say nothing so we get whatever ! What the overhaul of this station should do is make your neighborhood better for you & raise your property values!

What you should want is increased safety, a "park & ride" parking lot, to improve service efficiency, to reduce traffic congestion with better traffic patterns, a boost to the area economy with new business and retail development in the area along 95th Street. and Minority contractors and workers!

Here is the email I sent to cta. You may use it as an example for comments.

My 10 suggestions for 95th Street Red-Line Station Improvement Project:

1. Schedule Public Hearings on the south side for collaboration of ideas and interchange with residents of South Side Communities that use the train. There should be some systematic planning with collective input and action from the neighborhoods that use this station.

2. Minority contractors and workers should be a must. Black communities need jobs!

3. Safety: The most important improvement should be increased safety in the area; many area residents and CSU students will not ride the train because of this. There is harassment of customers by panhandlers, peddlers & the homeless along with other illegal activities. The activities are most times begging or selling but at times they are hostile and even violent. Police reports show the only robbery and rapes for the area are near the station.

4. Parking: The same is true for stolen cars and auto break-ins. CAPS reports show almost all take place within blocks of the station along State Street and on Lafayette, where people park to take the train. The 95th Street station needs a Park & Ride! This would improve ridership which means more revenue for cta.

5. Amenities: Vending machines are good, but how about shops or a food court which would encourage more use of the station. (more revenue)

6. Help the area economy with new business and retail development in the area along 95th Street.

7. Safety Cameras for increased passenger safety are a must in station & multi-level parking lot.

8. Bike Parking Racks: What about additional bike racks, so people can bike to work. (more revenue)

9. Art Work (Holistics) should be used as a component of the station. This art would tell about the history, architectural identity and amenities that enhance the area around the station (Abbott Park, Chicago State University, Woodson Library etc.) The station's art work as well as thenew station should reflect and depict the characteristics of the community.

10. Service Efficiency: New station plan should reduce traffic congestion with better traffic patterns

For information go to:

Email your input to: 95thTerminal @

OR make copies of attachments, fill out and Mail your input to:

Chicago Transit Authority
Attn: 95th Street Terminal,
567 W. Lake Street
Chicago, IL 60661-1465

Even if you don't ride the "L" what is done in your community concerns you and your property values. Today Developing Communities Project, West Chesterfield and Roseland Heights sent representatives to the cta board meeting. Michael LaFargue & Rev Mitchell L Johnson JD spoke about the 95th Street Terminal Improvement Project, Minority contractor participation, community concerns, expectations, and requested a public hearing/townhall meeting (on the South side) for more community input. I will give you the date for the hearing at this months meeting.

If you get "whatever" than you asked for nothing.
Clevan Tucker Jr.

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