Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Early Voting started, and write-in vote options

Monday was the beginning of Early Voting in Chicago, and it runs until Saturday November 3. You can vote Monday-Saturday, 9am -5pm in 51 locations. On Sunday, October 28, there are 3 locations you can vote (though somewhat far from the 6th and 9th wards).

The 6th Ward's location to vote is the Whitney Young Library, 7901 S. King Drive. The 9th Ward's location is Palmer Park, 201 E. 111th Street. However, you may vote at any of the other 49 sites (and those from outside the ward, but within Chicago, may vote at Whitney Young).

More information on Early Voting from the Chicago Board of Elections website.

According to that website, the 6th ward was #6 among the early voting locations with 419 voters, 9th ward was # 15 with 350 voters. Mt. Greenwood Park (which is one of the 3 Sunday locations) had the 2nd most with 494 voters. The Chicgao Board of Elections (also a Sunday voting location) had 1,741 out of the total 15,711 votes cast in the city.

In addition, there a few candidates who have registered with the Chicago Board of Elections to run as write-in candidates for several offices, particularly a few for our area.

Early Voting line at Whitney Young Library on Monday, 8:59am.
Here is their info:
  • Darnell B. Macklin of 7927 S. Eberhart Chicago 08/22/12 =  State House of Representatives 34th
  • Xavier (X) Roman of 10749 S. Ewing Av. Chicago 08/29/12 = State Senate 17th
  • John Hawkins of 4531 S. Spaulding Av. Chicago 09/06/12 = U.S. Congress 1st
The full listing of write-in candidates for Chicago is here.

As we know, living in this city, many offices are essentially decided during the Democratic primary, and voting in the general election is basically a formality.

People may choose not to vote for an office as a sign of protest. But that will not register with voting results -- 90% of voters could choose not to vote for an office, but if there is no challenger, the results could register as 100% of the people voted for a candidate. This is important info, not just for challengers, but the incumbent as well. Without something to contrast, he incumbent wouldn't know what parts of their district have concerns. Some of those anti-incumbent votes will include people who would automatically vote against teh establishment, but there might be a portion that have legitimate concerns.

Thanks to everyone who has voted already. If you have not, whoever you decide to vote for, PLEASE VOTE!

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