Tuesday, October 16, 2012

GCA welcomes 6th District Police Commander Eric Carter

Cmdr. Carter at a GCA event in 2011
The Greater Chatham Alliance welcomes to their October meeting Commander Eric Carter and Lt. Cynthia Lance who is part of the Chicago Police's Troubled Buildings Unit. The meeting is at St. James Lutheran Church located at 8000 S. Michigan.

If you recall correctly Commander Carter paid a visit to a GCA monthly meeting once before when Superintendent Garry McCarthy didn't show up. That was in August 2011 and that was attributed to a scheduling conflict. McCarthy did show up at another GCA forum this past summer. I wanted to mention that small bit of trivia.

Hopefully, those who show up for this meeting will have nothing but questions for the Commander. Not only questions, but certainly bring to his attention issues that need an adequate solution. BTW, GCA credits the new State Rep. Elgie Sims with bring Commander Carter and Lt. Lance to the GCA meeting. The flyer and a form for the coming meeting are below.

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  1. Over 10 bums were found in a vacant home across from Dixon elementary school. Imagine what would have happened if one of them decided to grab a little girl or boy? Or a teacher for that matter! Folks better come on out and report those empty foreclosed, or vacant homes and apartment buildings at this GCA meeting Saturday.

    Also Lt. Lance is the top lady over the Chicago Police's Troubled Building Unit. Lance is a "big cheese." She has been aggressive in lower income areas if you read the newspapers.

    But I guess our middle class and working class communities are just too lax and haven't gotten angry enough to say ––what about us?

    As for the Commander, quite frankly, I'm tired of seeing the fast drug deals that happen along State Street and Wabash, with their access to the Dan Ryan for a quick getaway. Folks who have homes from 71st to 95th street know the alleys are always popping at night.

    Lately, have you read that crack and heroin arrests have started to appear in Park Manor and Chatham. Look, Christmas is almost here! If robberies are already up in our area, especially on Cottage Grove, the robbers and burglars will be out in full force in two months––––cold, bad
    weather or not!

    Wake up people and be at that GCA Meeting!!!

    The Alderman for downtown and the Gold Coast is crying out for more police, which he already has.

    If we don't jump on this Commander, guess where they will take police from when the Christmas holiday season kicks off?


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