Saturday, October 27, 2012

Why Do Blacks Trail in Benchmarks Leading to Middle Class? -

Another article published last month with regards to the Black middle class.
In each benchmark leading to the middle class, African-Americans trailed all racial groups from childhood to age 40. Only a third of blacks entered the middle class, compared with nearly 70 percent of whites and 52 percent of Hispanics.

A Brookings Institution report, “Pathways to the Middle Class: Balancing Personal and Public Responsibilities,” shows that children who achieve professional success are disproportionally from higher-income and white families; those who never move up come from lower-income or black families, or both.

While high poverty rates can help explain these numbers, other obstacles to the middle class include teenage and unwed pregnancies and criminal convictions, said Juan Williams, a Fox News commentator who appeared on the Brookings panel.

Another avenue that slows ascension is poor education. In early childhood, 56 percent of black 5-year-olds possess adequate pre-reading and math skills and demonstrate behaviors considered “school-appropriate,” compared with 61 percent of Hispanics and 68 percent of whites.

The road ahead for blacks is riddled with obstacles. By age 11, only 52 percent of black kids have adequate English and math skills, compared with 73 percent of white youngsters.
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  1. Sad how Black readers never respond to this issue. The Sixth Ward Blog continues to bring up this topic for a good reason. Sorry folks, but this issue is the most important factor in the future of Black Americans. We are going out of this world buttocks backwards. We are all heading to a Permanent, Lowest-Class Status.

    Why Are Blacks Trailing In Benchmarks Leading To Middle Class?
    It's all about the modern BLACK CULTURE of HELPLESSNESS and EXCUSES!

    Blacks can't function today without help from the "Gubamint", phony Preachers, and corrupt Community Activists. Whatever happened to the Black community's Self-Reliance?

    Since the late 1960's, we Blacks have consistently made excuses for bad behavior in our race. Prior to that, there were no excuses for being lazy, uneducated, and criminal. Life was hard and unfair, but our ancestors made no excuses. However, even today's Blacks who are middle to upper class seem to have this guilt about not being Poor, Helpless, and STUPID! How did this nonsense come into existence? If you've done well or have a good life, it's because YOU and/or others made it happen. Today, we are made to feel guilty for being successful and must spend time and limited resources on fools who refuse to make their lives better, and ALL Blacks are judged solely by the actions of these same fools. Pathetic!

    We consistently vote for the Democratic Party because of a perceived fear of Republicans being racist. Folks, Republicans have little to no influence over the misery of Black life in our area. The misery is coming solely from our elected Democrats. (Remember this when you vote.)

    Even worse, the greatest enemies of middle class Blacks in Chicago are BLACK DEMOCRATS. If you don't believe me, look at the proposed destruction of Chatham and Chesterfield at the hands of our Black Aldermen. Oh, if you didn't know, our Black City Council Caucus wants to speed up the Ward Remapping so it happens IMMEDIATELY, instead of in 2015. They must utterly destroy the middle class Black communities so that they can put independently thinking, "Uppity Blacks" in their place as nothing more than lowly peasants. What's the rush? Could it be that the greedy, selfish, corrupt Black Aldermen are salivating to get money from the 6th Ward business district? Do they need middle class Black voters to help keep them in office against a growing Hispanic population? Hmmm.

    We need to post the NAMES of these evil Aldermen. "Boris Badanov" Brookins is obvious, but we to know them all!

    The fight to save middle class Blacks (and raise the benchmarks leading to the middle class) starts at the local level.


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