Monday, November 5, 2012

Concerned Citizens of Chatham: Rahmfather, your citizens aren't happy

Worlee was able to attend the city budget hearings last Tuesday at South Shore High School @ 1955 E. 75th Streethosted by the Chicago City Council's Progressive Caucus. Some Alderman came down from the North Side to conduct them as well as some of our south side Alderman such as 6th Ward Ald. Sawyer and 15th Ward Ald. Toni Foulkes. Whatever the citizens saw in Mayor Emanuel's budget not many were very pleased.

BTW, while the Chicago Reader didn't appear to write a report about the South Shore hearings they - they being Ben Joravsky - did write about some of the earlier ones. Keep this in mind when you read that piece, that the mayor is electing not to hold his own budget hearings available to the public as he did last year at Kennedy-King College:
This year he's holding none. Instead, he put together a series of private focus groups with carefully selected batches of citizens.

The mayor says it's more efficient this way. I say he just wants to avoid raucous events. You, the reading public, get to decide what you believe. You just don't get to weigh in about it at a hearing with the mayor.
In any case citizens who attended the hearing made this ominous statement regarding this budget and future political implications:
Overall, the citizens at the meeting were displeased with the Mayor's decision to not listen to their concerns and also put the Alderman present and other Alderman on notice that if the budget passes 50-0 they will remember them in 2015.  
And 2015 is close to two years away too!

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