Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Greg Hinz: Who's in, who's out in race for Jesse Jackson Jr.'s seat in Congress?

US Capitol Washington, DC

A flurry of names are coming out in the special election to replace Jesse Jackson Jr. who resigned last week. A special election has been called with a primary in February next year and then a general in March next year.

We've been hearing some names since Jackson's resignation such as Todd Stroger but he quickly took his name out of contention. Well now people are looking at the money in his campaign accounts!

Debbie Halvorson who is a former member of Congress has put her hat into the ring as well. She ran against Jackson in the primary earlier this year and needless to say she wasn't able to win that one.

Another interesting possibility is 9th Ward Ald. Anthony Beale. He has only gone so far as to form a political committee for that purpose. Beale is considered to be in the Jackson circle so who knows how that could work out in a congressional race.

There is an irony here. Jackson himself took the seat in 1995 in a special election when he replaced Mel Reynolds after he had been embroiled in a sex scandal and was ultimately sent to prison for sexual assault and bank fraud. Reynolds who attempted to regain his seat in 2004 is also throwing his name into this election.

BTW, there is a "fear" that a Republican could potentially win this seat although it's certain that this potential Republican could only last one term. Time will tell what will happen in this coming election.

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  1. Let's stop being the laughing stock of the nation. Forget about Black v. White or Republican v. Democrat, or man vs.woman. Let's look for ethics, honesty and a role model for our children. To me a role model also includes educated and experienced, not a relative of a political power. When I was a kid and wanted something my parents couldn't afford, my mother used to say "You picked the wrong parents to be born to". That should not be the rule for electing our representatives. We picked the son of a great man and we got a politician and his wife.


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