Friday, November 30, 2012

State Sen. Trotter wants to represent the 2nd Congressional District

It should be noted in the jockeying to succeed I never mentioned state senator Donne Trotter. He just won re-election to his seat although with very little difficulty as he was unopposed. He did make a run for higher office in 2000 seeking to take Bobby Rush's seat and running against a young Barack Obama. We see that Ed McClelland at Ward Room is reminiscing about meeting with Sen. Trotter over 12 years ago.

Also CapFax talks about Trotter, he notes that he already have suburban Democratic committeemen (referring specifically to the committeeman of Thornton Township) behind him already. Rich Miller also notes that: "If he can raise the money, Trotter could very well be the one to beat.

From Greg Hinz he mostly talks about who's out of the race. One of the candidates who stepped out was 4th Ward Alderman Will Burns. Toni Preckwinkle commissioned a poll and it wasn't looking good for him according to this piece. Time will tell who else will want out!
Back to Ward Room, Ed McClelland handicaps the race and even includes the names of those who are out such as former County Board Prez, Todd Stroger. He already said he was out and then also there's Ald. Will Burns.

BTW, missed this old article but it fits. I wrote about the Red Line extension recently to 130th St and Debbie Halvorson has even made a statement in support of this extension perhaps this needs to be an issue to be brought up in this race:
Also talking transportation earlier in the day was former Congresswoman Deb Halvorson. She focused on a project Mayor Emanuel strongly supports.

"We're right here at 95th St. The extension of the Red Line. We need to right away make sure that is extended. It needs to go to at least the city limits, 130th Street," Halvorson said.
Perhaps other potential candidates should follow suit! Especially Ald. Beale because the extension will affect his 9th Ward.

BTW, have any stories to share about the future special election for Jesse Jackson Jr's House seat feel free to share in the comments, send a tweet or even post to our FB page.


  1. Just another democratic crook. They should all go on Ebay or Amazon instead of the ballot. They we know they will be bought.

    1. Your a "one note Nancy" Peter...why don't you just move out to Naperville with the other angry white people and stop annoying people like some kind of incorrigible schoolboy.


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