Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CTA Holiday Train - Join us NEXT Saturday!

* Join JP and his family NEXT Saturday to ride the Holiday Train. Meet us at the 95th street platform at 2pm.  Send an e-mail to blog (at) TheSixthWard (dot) us  for details.  See the following for other times & details to ride the train).

The Chicago Transit Authority has now announced their schedule for the Holiday Train, featuring a special car for Santa Claus, with specific stop times.
I have taken my daughter previous years to the Holiday Train, and it was fun. For just the cost of an El Ride, we were able to get to Belmont and take some photos.

The Holiday schedule will be posted here.

This Saturday, families can take photos from 1:45pm - 2:30pm at the 95th street station.

Some suggestions for those considering doing it this year:
  1. Go to the beginning of the trip (whether it's Howard or 95th). Even just 2 stops into the "tour", at 79th, the train was quite crowded already.
  2. Plan to be there at least 15 minutes ahead of schedule. It will be a lot less stressful.
  3. There is a time to get a photo taken next to Santa and in front of the trains. This includes at the very beginning, but also at 1 or 2 major stops, like Belmont. But note-- it's only about 4 minutes to do so. So take your photos and hop back on! (we wound up missing it after the photos)
The dates, times and directions for the 69th, 79th, 87th and 95th el stops:

(Dec 12 Wed - Northbound)
  • 95th = 4:16pm
  • 87th = 4:19pm
  • 79th = 4:22pm
  • 69th = 4:25pm

(Dec 14 Fri - Northbound)

  • 95th = 4:48pm
  • 87th = 4:51pm
  • 79th = 4:54pm
  • 69th = 4:57pm
(Dec 15 Sat - Northbound)
photos with Santa: 2pm -2:50pm
  • 95th = 3:01pm and 7:26pm
  • 87th = 3:04pm and 7:29pm
  • 79th = 3:07pm and 7:32pm
  • 69th = 3:10pm and 7:35pm
(Dec 18  Tue- Northbound)

  • 95th = 5:19pm???
  • 87th = 5:22pm???
  • 79th = 5:25pm???
  • 69th = 5:28pm???
(Dec 22  Sat- Northbound)  <---- i="i">When we'll go!

  • 95th = 3pm???
  • 87th = 3:04pm???
  • 79th = 3:07pm???
  • 69th = 3:10pm???
Any families want to meet up this year?  E-mail us at blog (at) TheSixthWard (dot) us

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