Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mitchell: Where is Sandi Jackson?

In talking about the race for the 2nd congressional district and in the wake of state Sen. Donne Trotter getting arrested for having a gun at O'Hare (he's in that 2nd district race himself) we forgot about Jesse Jackson Jr's wife Sandi . She's an alderman of the 7th ward and Mary Mitchell wonders where is Sandi? 

OK so basically there was a shooting in her ward and it happened four blocks away from her. BTW, you may need to register at the Sun-Times to read the whole article. To start:
The spot where five people were wounded by gunfire outside a currency exchange Monday night is just four blocks from Ald. Sandi Jackson’s 7th Ward office.

It is bad enough that the shots were fired at one of the busiest intersections in the South Shore neighborhood, but the shooter didn’t even have respect for the office holder.

Indeed, this shooter was so cold-hearted, he didn’t care that mothers and children were waiting at the bus stop or that senior citizens were being cared for at a nursing home directly across the street.

And he certainly didn’t care that diners in a nearby restaurant, Metra commuters, and patrons at a liquor-food mart had a plain view of the carnage.

This mayhem didn’t happen in one of the neighborhoods we often describe as low-income, struggling or troubled. This happened in a neighborhood that is home to some of the city’s most prominent African Americans.
 And then, the rest of the story and where Ald. Jackson fits:
While there was a lot of consternation about when former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. would return from medical leave and resume his duties in Congress, far too little has been said about Ald. Sandi Jackson’s disappearing act.

When five people are shot on the street, you expect the alderman to take some kind of action ­— lead a peace rally, hold a news conference or let citizens rant at a town hall meeting — anything that would demonstrate outrage over an intolerable situation.

I called Jackson’s office on Wednesday, two days after the shooting, and got no response.

I understand that the alderman is dealing with some tough personal issues, and I sympathize with her plight.

But it could have been me coming out of the restaurant or getting off the Metra the night bullets were flying.

This certainly could lead a certain amount of credibility to the charge that she doesn't live in the 7th Ward full-time and instead resides in Washington, DC. Although to be sure, she no longer has business in DC since her husband is no longer a member of Congress.

Certainly she's experiencing a tough time personally but her people in the 7th Ward need her as well!


  1. She has lived full time in DC since her husband got elected. She has been allowed to get away with this because no one in the media ever challenged her on it. This is corruption, just like stealing money. The rules are supposed to be the same for everyone, except her.

  2. My prayers are with the Jackson's.


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