Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So is Ald. Sandi Jackson resigning?

[VIDEO] Yesterday some friends of her said she was and is planning to leave Chicago to move back to DC. Today, Sandi herself says she has no plans to resign. In fact here's some of what was said in the vid above:
"My constituents are people who depends on me to be there for them. And I'm going to continue to work hard on their behalf," Ald. Jackson said. "Whoever these people are who purport to speak for me should stop."
This is what she had said in the Tribune about whether or not she intends to finish out her aldermanic term:
"I will finish my term. I intend to finish my term," Jackson added. "Unless something catastrophic happens -- I could step outside and get hit by a bus today."

Asked whether her husband getting sent to prison would constitute "something catastrophic," Jackson said she would not discuss that.

"I'm not going to entertain questions like that, I really am not," she said.
It has been noted that there are charges that she isn't living full-time in the 7th Ward. In fact you might have seem reader comments here on this blog charging exactly that. She did discuss that as well:
Jackson said she has not yet decided whether to move back to Chicago full time from Washington D.C., where she said her husband is currently staying with the couple's children while he continues to see his doctors regularly.
Well, all the same it was noted that her attendance to city council meetings and city council committee hearings haven't been very good. I'm sure that's where these rumors started but lets remember that both her and her husband are public figures even if Jesse Jr. is no longer a sitting Congressman.

I also recognize that in light of federal investigation into his involvement with Rod Blagojevich or any investigation into Jackson's campaign funds has caused some stress for that family. Indeed it may have contributed to the mental health of the former Congressman. So most of us recognize that this is a trying time for Ald. Jackson's family and being in public life doesn't help surely.

All the same thanks to her attendance issues on the City Council Joe Lake has started an online petition that requests that she resign her city council seat. I'm only curious how many people from the 7th Ward would call for that and they're the most important people Jackson has to consider. People citywide can have their opinions, but what about the constituents of the 7th!

BTW, Jackson is also the Democratic committeewoman of the 7th Ward and stated in the Tribune that she hasn't decided who to support in next year's special election for the 2nd congressional district. What we do know right now is that she isn't going to consider getting into that race.

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