Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The former Chicago Teacher's College

Found this photo via Culture of Black Chicago FB page. This building housed the former Chicago Teacher's College that was once located in Englewood. This institution is now known as Chicago State University located at 9501 S. King Drive.

The comments for this picture doesn't seem to identify where it was once located and would like to open it up to you. Some of the comments seem to think it's Parker School located at 6800 S. Stewart. And looking at the history page for Chicago State that turns out to be correct.

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  1. I grew up in that neighborhood from the mid sixties to the late seventies. I believe that's the wrong building. The address is correct but up until the early seventies there was a three building campus located at that address; Chicago Teacher's College, Francis Parker High School and Francis Parker Elementary. Two buildings sat along 69th street facing north and a third sat adjacent and east with the building facing west. I believe that is the building in your photo. If that's true then that is (what was then) the Parker High School building. Of the other two buildings, the one furthest west was the college building and the first to be demolished when they moved south and became Chicago State University. In 1979, a new contemporary building was opened on the site that used to be the college (or there abouts). Parker High School moved into that build and became Paul Robeson High School. The other building housed Parker Elementary and was demolished sometime in the early eighties after the elementary school moved into the old Parker High School building. I hope this helps, I really miss my old neighborhood.


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