Saturday, January 26, 2013

ChicagoTalks: Roseland profile

Roseland Community Area
During the remap debate last year a lot of people were very apprehensive of being combined with Roseland in the 9th Ward. In fact they used Roseland and 9th Ward almost interchangeably in discussing this issue. There were concerns (although certainly baseless) that property values will dip if their neighborhood was drawn into 9th Ward. Aside from the change in electoral precinct and one Alderman wanting to use the new map in zoning decisions we're not quite there yet.

However, this article gives me an excuse to talk about Roseland. If you're concerned about Roseland I'm not sure this article will give anyone any ease at all.
According to, a website that tracks crime, there were 116 crimes in Roseland during the past week. Meanwhile in Lincoln Park on the North Side, there were only 10 crimes reported during the same week. Crimes in Roseland were more violent, including theft, battery and narcotics possession. In other areas of the city, crimes reported often consisted of home burglaries and thefts of smart phones or iPods.

“This is a dangerous area, no doubt about it,” said Jamal Pearson, 47, a CPD officer who has worked in Roseland for 11 years. “You’ll be wanting to watch yourself in this area. This is one of the worst areas in the city.”

But some residents said they keep to themselves and manage to avoid becoming victims of crime.

“If you mind your own business then you’re safe. You don’t have to worry about nobody coming after you,” McCoy said.

Mike Smith, 28, who works at a clothing store in Roseland, said he has lived there for 10 years. He said the police don’t come around often.

“The [U.S. government] don’t care. As long as we killing each other, the [U.S. government] don’t care,” Smith said. He says he’s not scared and doesn’t plan to leave Roseland. He referred to Roseland as “baby Iraq.”

“I love this [neighborhood]. I’m used to it. It doesn’t bother me,” Smith said. “Its just a fact of life now.”
Staying safe is a matter of minding your own business. How many of you find that bothersome? Although to be sure no one should ask you to be a hero I wonder what it means to "mind your own business".

This area needs it's own version of RAGE!

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