Wednesday, January 9, 2013

UPDATE:Concerned Citizens of Chatham: Shooting on 84th/King Drive

Update: I was informed by my neighbor that the young man who shot and killed on Sunday was one of our neighbors. The young man who the newspaper stated lived in Woodlawn has been living in Chatham for the past several months. He has been living with grandmother on  82nd Vernon. I know the young man, and he spoke on a regular basis, but have no knowledge of his past. Per the family, he and two cousins were walking to 87th street to catch the bus when they were ambushed by two men who came out of the side drive between two homes. The three young men ran as guns were pulled but unfortunately only the two got away.

[VIDEO] This incident already makes this the 11th homicide and 10th fatal shooting of 2013. It happened right in the Chatham neighborhood and Worlee shared a statement from a local leader - Rev. Dr. Marc Robertson:
Tragedy has hit the heart of our community once again. This evening as I was coming home. I saw police cars everywhere within the blocks of 84th and 85th street and King Drive on the west side of the street. As I got closer, I pulled over and noticed a young boy lying dead in the front yard of someone's home. An eyewitness told me that the kid who shot the other kid then jumped on the bus going North bound on King Drive. My people! When will this madness stop? I will be the first to say that this is a direct result of the dysfunction within our homes and young boys growing up fatherless. Wake up !!! This happened around 7:00 p.m, Sunday, January 5, 2013. This is the introduction of what to expect this summer in our community? We must learn to work together and get rid of egos, insecurities, jealousy and envy because our community is falling a part.
A 19-year-old young man cut down near 84th & King Drive. The fact that this happened is utterly shocking! I wonder if Rev. Robertson's comments is point the fingers at the leaders of our communities. He must be asking for direction & communication.

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