Friday, February 22, 2013

National Guard help curb street violence, do you agree?

Lt. Gen. Russel Honore
This article caught my eye today:
At the news conference at the Chicago Military Academy in the Bronzeville neighborhood, [former US Army Lt. General Russel L. Honore] spoke out against the gun violence that affects the lives of so many of the students.

Honore was mild in his tone and fell short of demanding action. Instead he suggested a strategy he thinks could work.

To tackle the violence here, Honore said, the state police and other law enforcement agencies could lend a hand to local police. And the National Guard could take over routine duties, patrolling the streets and handling traffic, while police concentrate their efforts on solving crimes and increasing their presence in troubled neighborhoods.
"Trust me, we can tap this down," Honore said of the shootings. "It would take a commitment, and it's not going to be popular. Many people are going to say why are you bringing that to my community? (But) do you want law enforcement or do you want people shooting day and night and destroying the lives of innocent people like the little girl who lost her life here a few weeks ago?"
"We should do whatever it takes to end the violence, so we won't have to feel scared," he said. "These kids have guns. We need experienced people that can stop them."
BTW, even Police Officer and former Aldermanic Candidate Richard Wooten has something to say:
When he's not working as a Chicago police officer, Richard Wooten said he's in the neighborhoods — Auburn Gresham, West Chesterfield and Chatham — helping residents develop neighborhood watch groups.

"Crime in Chicago is just running rampant," said Wooten, who does community work as part of his own organization, the Gathering Point Community Council. He attended Honore's news conference.

"This is going to require more than just the Chicago Police Department," he said. "We are in a state right now where we need not only to get the community activated and mobilized and dealing with the issues in their community, but somewhere along the way, we're going to have to tap into some federal funding."
Still, I would say the last thing we would want is to get the National Guard on our streets. Hopefully what the city is facing at the moment doesn't even warrant that. But what say you on this subject?


  1. As a first cousin to Russel L. Honore, I can tell you, first hand, he knows how to make it happen! As Chatham residents, my wife Leslie and I are pleased to announce that General Honore will be coming to Chicago State University for some special lectures in April. This will be another opportunity to pick his brain.

    These senseless killings have got to stop! We are not getting the results that we need to have in Chicago to make us feel things will not be even crazier this summer. It's time to look at other alternatives! I think his perspective on the National Guard is worthy of discussion and further consideration. The violence in our communities on the South and West side needs to be mopped up–– and the bad guys cleaned out.

  2. Asking for the national guard and the Illinois State Police is not a new proposal. Lashawn Ford and other state legislators made the call over a year ago and State Rep Andre Thapedi(supported by Rep Elgie Sims) has called for the State Police to support Chicago Police Department in a one radius East and West of the Dan Ryan expressway.

    While the General's record is impressive we must remember this is not Washington DC but Chicago,IL. Wreck It Rahm Emmauel will have to be out of options before he will accept federal help.

  3. General Russel Honore is a man worthy of paying attention to. He isn't a politician. And since Mr. Glover, to my knowledge, was not at the HistoryMakers event, Mr. Glover really doesn't know what the general fully suggested, or discussed. So Mr. Glover needs to be a little more mindful of who this man is. Yes, it's true that some Illinois State Legislators have called for the National Guard to step in.

    But as a retired, four star general, I would think General Honore's perspective on trying to find a way that would suitably assist the policing efforts of the Chicago Police, so that the police will be both receptive and strategic to the National Guard efforts–-efforts designed to be supplemental and not the primary policing force––may be given real consideration––even by our mayor. For instance, maybe the National Guard could comprise the bicycle teams for patrol, surveillance and presence only, while the police could do the day-to-day apprehension of criminals.

    Mr. Glover, with all due respect, you seemed to want to trivialize a man who is deserving of his national reputation. A man so respected that both national parties have wished he would run for state and national offices. General Honore is not, or has never been a D.C. toady. He is beyond reproach in respect to his knowledge of maintaining civil order when a city is in turmoil. Katrina gave the general a better understanding of how to maintain order in an urban, American city unlike anyone else.

    P.S. And If anyone believes that our mayor is not, or will not accept federal aid, then they are curiously naive.

  4. First, no one attempted to trivialize the General's comments, I respectfully said his credentials are impressive. Secondly, I never said that he was a politician. Yes I do believe that if this was Washington DC that his comments would have had more impact.

    I guess I will be naive and continue to believe that unless we have a national crisis with no options would the "politicians" here really take to heart what the gentleman proposed.

  5. I'm sick of innocent people, especially children, dying. I'm sick of having to look over my shoulder whenever I leave my home. I'm sick of not being able to take a walk, jog, or walk my dog in my own neighborhood. I'm sick of teenagers trying to break into my home when I am home. I'm sick of people defacing my property. BRING IN THE NATIONAL GUARD!!! And I hope they bring the BIGGEST street sweeper with them to sweep this hoodlums out of my neighborhood!


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