Monday, April 29, 2013

Chicago Weekly: Chatham State of Mind

Via The Chicago Neighborhoods

This almost evokes a post I wrote last year "The Sixth Ward...a state of mind". Then again when you think of the 6th you might think Chatham. This is something Chicago Weekly is exploring recently thanks to a link from Joe Lake's Chatham Connection FB group.

Some of the issues contained there in likely aren't brand new to most of us. We're concerned about the businesses that are either moving in or closing because of the economy. We may also be concerned about the social cohesion of the neighborhood and while it may not have been discussed here often enough it's being talked about amongst neighbors.

Another issue that hasn't been brought up on this blog enough is brought up here. Not enough public spaces. The various restaurants that have closed such as Izola's and Army & Lou's as well as not enough space at Whitney Young Library. Of course where can anyone engage in a public game of chess? It's not so easy to do at a local fast food establishment or it may cost to much at a neighborhood park.

I'm sure some of you out there have a lot to add to the commentary shown in the article about Chatham. What say you about Chatham's state of mind?

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