Monday, April 1, 2013

Ward Room: In Chicago, Inequality Is Impossible To Avoid

Written by Edward McClelland at Ward Room. He writes about the inequalities of living in Chicago:
Last weekend's flash mob attacks on the Magnificent Mile are a reminder of a fact that residents of big, liberal cities don’t like to acknowledge: nowhere else in America is so much inequality concentrated in such small areas.

Chicago is famous for its racial segregation, but it’s also segregated economically. The rich and poor areas are not that far apart -- and they’re linked by bus and train lines.
That’s the thing about Chicago. This isn’t Los Angeles, where there is very little public transportation. Or Detroit, where the wealthy and white have retreated to the suburbs, and prevented the poor and the black from building trains to follow them. (One suburban Detroit mayor explained her vote against a line that would have linked her village to downtown by saying she didn’t want a “heroin train.”) In Chicago, inequality is impossible to avoid. You can spend your entire life in a wealthy neighborhood, but the poor will find you there. 
You should give that a read when you find the opportunity.

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