Saturday, June 1, 2013

115th/Michigan: What would YOU like to see here?

Southwest Corner of 115th/Michigan in Roseland

The picture shown above is the southwestern corner of 115th/Michigan Ave in the Roseland neighborhood sometime in the fall of 2012. The lot here was home to a shopping center that contained restaurants, laundromat, and retail such as Perry Drugs which eventually became a Christian bookstore and a grocery store. Further down on Michigan near a railroad viaduct was a Church's Chicken which is now gone as well. You can check out the pictures of the demolition of this area at Roseland, South Side of Chicago.

I'm interested in this area because it's the location of one of the new stops on the CTA Red Line whenever the extension is finally built. As a matter of fact there is the railroad that runs along this property which follows the approximate route of the extension. And let's not forget the Red Line South project is expected to help to facilitate the eventual extension from 95th Street. Until that time however, what could be located here when the trains are finally running?

In another picture shown below is a sign with the name of the owner Musa Tadros located on the fence of the northwest corner of 115th/Michigan. Most of us may have heard that name before as he's responsible for Chatham Village Square near 87th/Cottage Grove for example. Also we here blogged about him developing this very lot with Aldi's a possible an anchor there.

The building you see below was home to a former Hollywood Video store that has long been shuttered. It's on the same lot as Curtis Elementary School located on 115th/State and apparently it's also owned by Tadros' real estate company. One can only wonder what might attract a potential tenant to this property.

I thought about this, what if the lot on the southwestern corner was developed with "transit-oriented" development in mind. Perhaps some commercial spaces could be built with the commuter in mind. A place to buy a quick breakfast, buy some quick produce, or a news stand. Also while three bus routes pass through this intersection I could envision a terminal for those buses to pass through although who knows if that's feasible or not.

Anyway, the question to be asked here is what would you like to see here? And of course, the floor is open to any of our readers who just so happen to reside near this part of Roseland.

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  1. Aldi grocery store, laundromat, auto insurance business, dunkin donuts, mc donalds, drug store... all these businesses are much needed right here at 115th & michigan or 115th & state street.


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