Monday, June 17, 2013

The Truth About 87th Vernon

This is a site that we have talked about several tines on both Concerned and The Sixth Ward Blog. Last week an update was issued about the site and this past week Chatham Avalon Park Community Council (CAPCC) invited the owners of the property to their subarea 6 meeting, so they could inform those who live in that area what the owners are planning to do with the property.

Well, it appears that this meeting seemed to have angered one resident. Per a Facebook post in a group called "Children of Chatham" the following was said.
On june 11 hatham Avalon Park Community Coun il hel sub area 6 meeting to discuss the relocation of Dunkin Donuts from 87th Cottage to 87th Vernon. Meeting was announced less than 48 hours with flyers in doors. Not many residents attended to hear the presentation but some decisions were being made by a few to not have another meeting thus denying more residents to voice their thoughts. Ald Sawyer was present. Do you have a con ern about how this process is working? The 86th Vernon block has been greatly impacted by the lounge and eatery near our homes. The traffic, increased violence and food garbage that is dumped on our property. This DD wa.ts a drive thru and 24 hour business. Yet they want to accelerate with their plans without giving another meeting to the residents with a weeks prior notice soon. Sounds like the CTA, CPS mode of representation. The businesses in our community don't give us the respect that tax payers should re cieve. please contact Alderman Sawyer to request that another meeting be held and that residents receive a weeks notice of location and time. Also CAPCC 866-272-1215 with the same request.
I cannot speak for CAPCC about how they communicated the meeting other than I did see it announced on their blog. I can say that anybody that knows the President, Keith O Tate (a true child of Chatham), his reputation speaks for itself and to accuse him of some sinister plan is pretty low. Secondly, not knowing CAPCC  process on where they stand on issues is very shortsighted.

The FACTS about the matter are :

  1. The property was sold by an African American to another entity. All financially qualified parties could have purchased the property and only one party followed through. FOR SALE means just that. Put up some skin or at least bring some interested parties to the table.
  2. The intent of what the owners wanted to do with the property has been known for some time. Several months ago I received the following email.
 From: Marc Robertson <>Sent: Thu, December 27, 2012 7:29:32 PM Subject: Change is Coming !!!Sent: Thu, December 27, 2012 7:29:32 PMSubject: Change is Coming !!!
that I had the opportunity and privilege of meeting the person who purchased the land where
the old cam gas station used to be on 87th and Vernon.  I met the owner the other day and he
told me he'll be putting a Dunkin Donuts there by the year 2014.  It is always my goal as a
community servant to keep all of you well informed.

Your Community Servant,
Rev. Dr. Marc A. Robertson
I hope and pray that everyone had a blessed Merry Christmas.  I wanted to let you know
Lastly, I want to thank all of you for always keeping me in the loop and I will always do the same for you.

 Do we all want to see diversity in the businesses that serve our community? The answer is YES. Do we have the right to disagree? YES. Do we need to exaggerate and miscommunicate information to those in and out of the community? NO. It would be great if we could get more businesses like Fleck's Coffee, but the reality is that unless we the taxpayers offer subsidies to African American business owners they do not want to come to the community. Those that do in many cases have little to no business experience and have no regard for the community. The prime example is the business located at 300 E 75th street which the owners are friends of someone who calls himself a "community leader" and former aldermandic candidate. This African American owned underground "juke joint" has caused unnecessary problems for residents and the neighboring business
. Francis's Lounge, a longtime business on 75th license has been suspended because of the problem this business has caused.

Posting in "remember" groups and stating inaccurate information is not going to get us diversity in businesses. The best way to show your displeasure with a business is not to shop there.

We need to build upon the Flecks Coffee, Garrett's, Shell, and new Enterprise Rent a Car location to rebuild our business strips. The effort that goes into nonsense could be better used to contact retailers you want to see.

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